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  1. I had a CBCS collection for an old Bellsouth account. Once paid a simple goodwill letter to remove did the trick!
  2. conner

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    Thank you all for your responses. This student loan was not federal, it was through my school who hires an outside accoutning company to handle all their accounts, so because of this I am hoping that they are a bit more foregiving. My circumstances are that this loan was to be included in a consolodation.. the consolodation ended up taking about 6 months to kick & at that time i was like "whatever" lol.. I know I know.. I wouldnt never do such a thing now. This account ended up being paid in the consolodation only after it had already gone to collections. The account has falled of TU &a
  3. conner

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    Would you mind if I PM'd it to you?
  4. conner

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    Basically why my student loan defaulted LOL...
  5. conner

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    Is 528 words too much for a Goodwill Letter? What is a good length?
  6. Geesh, I got that same letter from Cap1 and after the 3 months they increased it from $300 to $500 and that was also sometime around August... now it seems like its not going anywhere else. I do know one thing I can't wait to get rid of my orchard bank card!!! To accept or request an increase you have to pay $29.00???? What in the world is that!
  7. Im scuuured too! And even more so now that I know they use Experian. That is by far my worst report becasue they don't want to let go of ANYTHING for me... Im working on them now. I have gotten all my collection accounts off all 3 and now am working on paying off 2 charge offs & a stupid Presidio account removed hopefully... after that then I'll apply for the Amex.
  8. Well Im glad that I dont have a previous CO with them. LOL. I guess I'll just have to wait till my score gets a little higher before I apply! Thanks.
  9. Do you have to have a previous Amex account to be eligible for this program?
  10. Good job! Glad you were able to take the time to do it.
  11. I would just call and ask anyway! It never hurts to try! So far they have been very accomodating for me except with the CLI. I have had teh account now for 8 months almost 9 and only 1 CLI from $250 - $500. Still waiting for the next!
  12. If this hasnt happend in the past I would call them up and ask. When I first got the card I was out of town when the first payment was due and it totally slipped my mind. I called them and they forgave that first payment and refunded me my late payments.
  13. haha.. nobody answered my question... was there a CIC group created?
  14. Thats great! I just called Cap1 on Friday and was asking about a CLI, but they said they don't do it by request and that I have to wait for the "annual review".. boooooo. Did you call & request it? How long did it take? Also how long did it take for Target to increase your limit?
  15. Wooo hooo. This is a good week. I need to hurry up and get all my goodwill letters off by the end of the week... maybe i'll have better luck. Way to go lovebug!!