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  1. What is the benefit of a creditor to report an account whether it be negative or positive? Don't companies pay to report a consumers history? What is the benefit for a creditor and why would they report an item that was paid in '98 for example? I have items on my report that are showing as paid from a while ago and I was wondering why a creditor would still report it? I know this answer is in the threads, but wouldn't I want to have those old paid accounts removed? What about ones that are paid but had a negative at some point during the account being opened? Seems I would definitely like to have those off... Thanks
  2. I was wondering if I can buy and download the "Letters" CD or do they only come on a CD? thanks
  3. So I started with 3 reports that showed my bad credit...not much in the way of inaccurate info as there was just derogatory credit. The scores when I pulled my reports were: Exp - 529 Eq - 559 Tu - 496 pretty ugly place to start! So I disputed with the CRA's not really sure what to dispute or leave alone...but with those scores I thought what the hell? how much could I hurt - oops! I joined TrueCredit to monitor, and found that my scores dropped...all of them to 496. The next time I looked they had changed to Exp - 496 Eq - 519 Tu - 496 Kind of a strange pattern I thought. So I'm not really holding my breath too much on big results. The debt was and is mine. Some of it is old though, and that is what I realize I should have foucused on disputing instead of going Rambo and disputing everything. Now I know... I figure the damage is done time to move on. I will just wait for the 30 days to expire to see what happens. How do the CRAs typically release their results? Will I be notified through my TrueCredit, mail...? Thanks
  4. I've been doing quite a bit of reading here for the last couple of days as I am trying to get my credit life squared away. I'm reading about disputes, verification of addy's, GW letters, and son on... My situation is that i just plain screwed my credit up through ignorance and lack of responsibility. I was young when I started ruining my credit and haven't been able to re-coup (or even successfully attempt to) since. Now that my years and wisdom have taken over, it's time to set things straight. Now that I feel better about owning up to my irresponsibility how can I successfully begin to improve my ratings? I'd like to be able to remove old addresses, a.k.a.'s, incorrect SS#s, etc. but hey! I used them:oops: My CR is nothing but bad news - collections, COs, write offs, the works... I wish I had a simple incorrect account to deal with, but nope...I have some serious battles to enter. Based on my readings of posts here, I obtained a report straight from all 3 bureaus and requested verification online from all of them. I am waiting for those results before DV the CAs... Knowing that 99% of the negatives on my report are the results of my own immaturity and cavalier attitude, what level of actual results can I hope to achieve by disputing, verifying, validating and so on? Several of the items are past the SOL here in Cali - that is of course if I'm understanding correct and the SOL is based on the DLA - so hopefully they will be taken out of the factor pretty easily. The rest... Looking to hear from someone else who dug their own hole once and jumped on in, but who has since managed to claw their way back out. Thanks
  5. Hi jets... just going over your thread here and I have a couple of questions for you... about your credit pulls. You were able to check your scores multiple times in a short period - how were you able to do that? And I noticed that there was a large increase in the EQ score that seemed to drop back down quite a bit...can you tell me what happened there? I just started my own journey yesterday by submitting the request for the CRA to verify. As soon as those results come in I'll begin DV with the CA. Thanks and keep on keeping on!
  6. I have a 744 mid FICO but am still getting hammered on interest rates for a refi I'm doing. I had a 7 discharged 29 months ago. My consumer credit is in great shape with great history - always has been. Is there anything I can do about a removal or anything that I can do to make a positive? Thank you
  7. I read an earlier post re: filing suit against an OC who took you to court. The post talked about the consumer actually turning around and suing the OC because of an incorrectly served summons. I'd like some further insight to that, as I was sued for a car that was repo'd. The OC repo'd the car and then went to court and won a judgment for about $2k. I did not appear. My question arises from the fact that the notice to appear I received was stuck inside my door handle when I came home from work one day. Does this sound like something I can or should pursue? I hope I gave enough info... Thanks
  8. Can you tell me what a dunning letter is? And explain the 30 day window that is being referrd to please? The CAs don't have to validate? Is that when you would start the letters demanding they remove the items as they are in violation? thank you!
  9. HMW

    Well, here I go!

    So here's what I've done so far... I requested verification of all of the accounts on my CRs from the CRAs I submitted the requests online as I want to try both online and CMRRR as a plan B Today I am going to go for the inquiries One thing I was wondering is about DLA. I have quite a few that are out of SOL based on what I read to be the SOLs here in CA. Others weren't. I hope I didn't stir the 'ol hornets nest up... So I should wait now to get the results of my verification investigations before proceeding with anything other than perhaps removing the inquiries? I have a judgment that I believe I can work on based on what I read in "Suing - Poor Mans etc., etc. The reason is that I was incorrectly served...I found the notice attached to my door knob one day when I came home from work. The judgment is from a local auto lot that repo'd my car. Any input on my actions so far and/or advice on what to do at this point? thanks for the replies so far!
  10. I have several different social security numbers listed on my CR - can this info be used to question validity of an account?
  11. I have my shiny new CRs do I have some work to do! EXP = 529, EFX = 559, TU = 496:( I will be dealing mostly with CAs as nearly all accounts are in some level of: collection/canceled by credit grantor charged off as bad debt/purchased by another lender placed for collection student loan not in a few of those this one was all alone payment after charge off/collection Paid collection So, would I send out DVs to the collection agencies as well as OCs? Or do I have it wrong, and I should be disputing with the CRAs first? I have a small bit of confusion - that's putting it mild - about some of the steps I'm reading here. I keep reading about disputing the negatives...which is pretty much my whole report I'm sorry to say. And beginning with the oldest ones first. Q:What date would I refer to on my reports? DLA, Date Reported, DMDFR...? How do I determine which ones to go for and which of the sleeping dogs should I let lie...if any? Also, I'm seeing mixed input on whether to dispute online or not. Since it seems that I'll be going straight for CAs and OCs, should I go for the CMRRR as the safest, most thoroughly recorded steps of action? What can I do about student loans placed for collection, etc.? Should my initial disputes, DVs, etc. be simple handwritten or typed letters, or should I use the nifty forms available online...or as part of a book purchase:wink: That's about it for this round of questions. I know I have some work to do, but I'm looking forward to making it happen, and I certainly would appreciate all of the input I can get! That's it...I'm going in head first! I hope there's enough water in the pool... well I kept reading and have found a lot of info so some of the above I have already answered for myself...