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  1. The bill is from ambulance ride not the hospital. Wakefield ownes the debt unfortunately . I had Insurance at the time but for some reason they never got billed and I'm told now it's to late. But anyway what do you think the best approach is?
  2. Hello everyone, Wakefield & a$$ just placed a collection account on my credit report on 10/31/08. I have not received and letter in writting from them. I just checked my reports today and found it there. I think this is an account from emergancy medical services (EMS) from a trip to the ER for my daughter. They were calling about a year ago asking for my daughter (she was 12 months old at the time) So I basically would tell them she was a baby and if they had a bill for her they could collect when she turned 18. They didn't have any information about me or her dad. The de
  3. I have a form that came with the summons. That is the form I must use to answer this. It's called "Answer under simplified civil procedure (including counterclaims & cross claims)" I'm told this is not small claims court. Its Civil court in Colorado. I owe the debt ( at least I do owe some medical bills) But I have not been able to get enough information from them to verify if the debt I'm being sued for is in fact mine. The statements I received from the Hospital a few months ago are different from the principal amount they have listed. How do I file my answer? My option says: The defen
  4. Is there anyway to get my husband off of this? Can he respond to the summons seperate? we received two of them.
  5. I have spoken with them several times with no luck the last time was maybe 6 months ago. I have even tried to find a lawyer to sue the office thatstarted this mess and I couldn't find a lawyer who handled Medicaid type stuff.
  6. I was told that Medicaid has no record of my application ever making it to their office (I applied at a Dr. Office) So my Pre approval was never valid but it took them 4 months to tell me they lost my application.
  7. I was there over a 2 month time frame back in Oct/ Nov 2005. Here's the reason it wasn't paid - I applied for medicaid and was approved because this was a pregnancy issue. I ended up in the ER 3 times over those 2 months. I used my medicaid pre approval at the time of treatment. I called several times over the months of Dec - April 2005/2006 to the place I applied because I still had not received information in the mail and final approval. Finally I was told they had lost my application. I filed a HIPPA Complaint. I called the hospital to make payment arrangements and was told I could not with
  8. Yes we both work. I don't think we are a community state because we can apply for a mortgage and only one of us be on the loan.
  9. No we didn't have insurance at the time. Thats why we couldn't pay them.
  10. Here's the big thing: They have my husband listed as a defendant. He has nothing to do with this account. They also have his job information listed. If anything I need to get him off of this. The medical bills are mine. He didn't even go to the hospital with me. Please help. I am so lost with all this.: confused: 1. Who is suing you? collections agency(hospital bill) 2. For how much? >$10,xxx 3. Who is the original creditor? Hospital 4. How do you know you are being sued? Received summons. The guy asked if I was available and I asked who he was. He repeated his self and I did as well. Then
  11. One more option is selling it on owner financing (with a 2-5 year balloon) or a lease option. Get a good down pmt (use this to move) lease the house for 12-24 months ( at a little higher than market rent) giving them the option to buy at the end of the lease. If you call the down pmt option consideration it can be non refundable if they dont buy. If they don't buy you turn around and sell again. That is how the rich get richer!
  12. Have you called any investors? You know the "we buy houses" people? You may not get any money from the sell and may even have to make a small part of the monthly payment for a while but most times these people can come up with a win/win plan. I would at least call a few to see what they can do for you. Just keep in mind they are in it to make money. No one works for free Anyway it could help. Good luck!
  13. So I wonder if the hospital lied to me? I still have not received anything from the CA. I did receive a half as* statment from the hospital that just said I owe $XXX but no reason why I owe it or what they did to be able to charge me money. The total for this account is like $200. If they really didn't sell the account I wonder If I could just send the hospital a check? These accounts are NOT listed on my credit report yet. HMMMMMMM:confused:
  14. I just called the number above and pressed # a few times then said operator (I hate those phone systems) It put me through and I said that I applied and it said it needed to verify more info and she transfered me to credit services, they asked me 4-5 questions and said I was approved! :mrgreen: I'd call them and and ask to talk to credit services maybe they will put it through for you.