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  1. Thanks,Iwas just trying to see if anyone had been in the same boat and paid atten to when it fell off on its own,End of Month or Beginning...Its gonna do what its gonna do..
  2. I have several accounts that say Dispute verified, This Item Scheduled to Continue On record till Oct 2007. In My World Until,means Oct 1st its Gone...But whats the Real world answer or any Personal experiences,This is Stated at experian By The way,Thanks A bunch for any Insight.
  3. Is there any Law that says once deleted they cant come back? Just Curious...Thanks
  4. I have Had 13 Items Deleted from Transunion, Now Have Only one derogatory,Have Had 9 items deleted from Experian and they are Still working on it(5 Left) .And equifax Had 19 Items in Dispute and Nothing has Happened.This all started aug 15th,I realize it has not even been 30 days,My question is when going thru csc,do they waite till the end of investigation and do it all at once,The Others seem to get one or 2 here and there as the process goes.Anyway Thanks for your Insight.
  5. Big Chief Notebook Tablet= 2.80 Qwazzi Moto Green Electric Light Defractor pen=5.75 Odds This Slacker Ever Opened a CC Statement= Priceless Account Verified=======NEXT If You Cant Dazzle them With Brilliance Baffle Em With B*LLSh*t.
  6. THey are on the Ball,as of Today.I have all 13 Negative account history Item removed or deleted I should say. Maybe its the 1-2-3-Punch. Mail-Phone-online dispute of all 13 but it worked. And I just started August 15th or so.Experian Dropped 3-4 of the 13 or so they had The rest are Pending,And equifax shows all as disputed but nothing has come off yet. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that Trans_u has faster response time.And If For you Equifax took the full 30-45 days to report weather they acted on 1 Item or 10? Anyway Im in a pretty good Mood. Many of the Items were slated to come off in the next 3-8 months.1-2 had a yr or so.But As Much Time as I have been putting in this and trips to Post Office. Its Nice to see it come Good. Good Luck To All.
  7. Spelling and Story Telling Arent My strong Points.But I needed to convey to someone Who Might Could relate.Everyone I know has 850plus Credit and Looks at me like ,Jeepers who cares,or Says Something back Like hey I was approved for 125k Car Note thru Ebay with No Down Payment.. I Dont Think when you are intially starting out You can dispute these CRA's enough.The Squeeky wheel gets the oil deal. Good Luck To you all.
  8. I started The Credit Repair Process on 8-15, And Have Had Better results Than I expected Particullarly with Experian and Transunion.So far I have Gotten 5 things off experian. 4 With Transunion.And I am Less than Impressed with Timeframe which equifax/csc works,which nothing has happened there other than 2 accounts which were thru original Creditors that Id bet Have No real record of the account said verified fcra yadda yadda yadda(I'd Guess they are big Spenders with equifax).But I have Used a slightly different technique That seems to be effective,Not By design but Because I have no Patience or faith that People are really willing to do there jobs,which I was right on that count.I sent a bunch of I dispute Letters to all 3 CRA's certified.As I figured about Half Didnt get a Notation of under Dispute on my CR. So I called all 3 cra's and Made Disputes.I Online disputed all 3 cra's and printed the online disputes and sent them again certified.Ok Now finally all of My Disputes are showing,Even got a letter allready from Trans_U That 3 Big ones had been deleted, One for about 22k, another was repo in 01,The HSbC Bank 5800,in 02. This is Pretty encouraging because I could tell That when they first put up the 4 accounts They Decided to Fool with (I disputed 13 ) 3 are goneThe one that is not allready has a note of a 2nd dispute following 1st,which is only becuase I sent so many disputes in different ways Its AMEX(SEE NOTATION Probaly spends alot of money with Equifax).Now thru Phone and online I have all the disputes listed.But it Took Both other methods to get them there.Had I had Patience I would have waited a month to see that they only felt like messing with 4 or 5 in experian's case.I also sent Validation Letters to CA's the same day as original mail out to CRA's.Since csc does a pass thru to Equifax it just lends to oppurtunity for dropping the ball.And I clued into How eager these People were to do there Job when I called experian Dispute Line and was hung up on The first 2 times Prior Me saying a word.I guess its just easier to pick up and say Hello and slam phone down as though no one was there. My Credit Scores were from 509Low to 563High,Now are at 606 632 (And still waiting Equifax to render some Action)But I can see that Now all my Disputes are Listed there as well as the Others. I say 97 pts and 69pts is a Substantial gain in Less than to weeks from Start.I Did the Crown Jewelers Thing and was approved for 1500,That was so easy it was scary.Ordered a 300.00 Watch that i will pay on for 6 months to get Max Benefit.And Here is what I really want to say. I Debated doing this 6 months ago.I realize I would Have Been Done Now. Do Not waite. Thats all I have to say.I have a Good Friend Who is a Dentist That always Says, and has since Highschool,,,Money May not Buy you Happiness,but it sure increases your bargaining power.Well The same is True For Credit..Especially if used wisely. Thanks for all the Helpfull Insight on This Board.I'll Keep you Posted.
  9. I more recently have 3 visa Cards in excellant standing and 2 new car Loans Thru Capitol one Auto with co Signers,but 6 months perfect pay,and the credit cards are 10 yrs Perfect pay.It Seems Like its the Old Stuff Thats draggin it Down.I guess if any come off we will see and Ill report.The stuff asset acceptance reports looks missleading its shows account open 2006 dec. And its that way on 2-3 accounts. The original debt was back in 1999 -2000. I suspect asswipe acceptance will be hardest to get rid of. Thanks for the insight though.
  10. I am sure this Has Been covered But I Dont seem to Find it.I Spent All Night Filling out Dispute Forms to The CRA which I presume was to be my Starting Point. My Question is Most of these Accounts They Dont Call on Anymore and the Dates of Last Payment + 180 Days are Back in 2001(Mostly January to March. If Some of These are Not confirmed and Drop From My report,Which all 3 Average about 580 Score. What Value Point Wise do they have? They are all charge offs and several are with Companies like Midland,LVNV, Palisades,asset acceptance etc. Any Body With any Insight? And All Help is Appreciated..! It Would Be nice to Find its at Least 5-8 Pts Each or Something.THere was 8 Total.
  11. I sure need the Help. when Starting the dispute process with Credit reporting agencys.Would it be best to write an individual letter for each item,or just put them all on one page? It would seem to me that if you list them all on one page,that it might be viewed by one person only and deemed frivolous. Anyway Thanks Again..And I look forward to making something good Happen.
  12. I had a Period of Negative Credit activety that took Place from about 2000 to 2001,Many of which accounts have been sold or turned over to Other Collectors.What Triggered My Need to repair My credit is the fact I am clueless as to how some of this works. The two current accounts That appear to be pursued by collectors,Some company called Palaides,and asswipe acceptance. The original date of last activety would have been in 2001,but since these 2 have picked up the collection process and report monthly,Does this ad another 7 yrs? And Some of these (about 7 accounts) have never had much of any attempt to collect. Does asking for debt validation potentially start the collection process all over? I am in Texas a 4 yr State to collect I believe.Being as Most Of the debts shown were at the 6 yr mark,I was gonna let it play it self out and fall off.But if these 2 collection bunches are gonna bring me down for another 7 yrs,Something needs to happen. Where should I start. I Appreciate any help.I looked thru some threads and with all the abreviations and new jargon to me I just Got a headache. Thanks in advance and I will keep you posted. Most experian score today is 582.It needs to get better .