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  1. Hey, I haven't posted in awhile.. I've whittled my total debt down to around $3300. I just got my tax returns and my refund was $3200. Go figure!! I'm taking that as a sign. My biggest debt is a Repo from October 08 for $2200. I want to PFD it. Go straight for the gusto. Has anyone had any luck with that? All the rest of my debts are $100, $150 here & there stuff. .. Thanks!
  2. WOW! I thought I was the only one who wanted a bike out of this whole thing ... Congrats, and yes, this site DOES work!! I just got approved for a $300 unsecured card with Household Bank. No WAY I would have been able to get it back in August 07 when I found this site and began my credit journey.
  3. Household bank hooked up you up? Do you know what your scores were at the time?
  4. I got my 1st secured through First Premier, also do Crown Jewelers. They give you a $1500 limit with no credit check up front. You make a purchase, pay a small down payment, the rest is billed to you and they begin to report.
  5. I'm not sure about EQ & TU, but I know for a FACT EX has record of what has been deleted, even though it's not showing on your report. I disputed over the phone a bunch of addresses on my EX report, while I was disputing the gentlemen was telling the accounts that certain addresses were associated to. 90% of the accounts he mentioned were derog's that had been deleted over the past few years. Very odd. I asked him whether or not those items would be added to my report, since they do have to verify addresses. He said "No, it's illegal for us to add an item to your report on our own behalf. The 'CA' has to add it themselves and we don't contact 'CA's of accounts that we've deleted." Go figure ..
  6. NCO is, in my experiance, one of the EASIEST CA's to get rid of! Just DV them! All of my NCO debts have come off on 1st of 2nd DV.
  7. Go to AnnualCreditReport.com ... Get all 3 reports.. Or go to Experian.com, Equifax.com and pay for them. Then start reading these boards! RELIGIOUSLY! EVERYTHING you need to know is here ... Just jump in! We all did ...
  8. MCM did the same thing to me! I handled it with NUTCASE emails & letters, BBB, FTC, and AG complaints. After a month , they finally deleted last week. Just STAY ON THEM!! And DONT assume that they know the laws, I've bluffed about 3 CA's into non-existance just by quoting specific laws that they were violating, or maybe they weren't!
  9. If the OC has a CA collecting the debt, then the OC (99%) of time WON'T be collecting, therefore they won't be reporting to the CRA. That's the point of an OC selling a debt to a CA, they don't want to waist the time and resources necessary to collect debts. For the 1st debt that you mentioned, since it's not yours, send the CA a letter saying something to the effect of .. "Your letter does not constitue validation. The person who is listed as owning this debt IS NOT me! My name is not _______, and I have never lived at the address of ________. During the month of _____ I disputed this account with the 'CRAs' and it came back as "Validated". You could not have legally validated a debt that by YOUR OWN LETTER you state belongs to someone other than myself. That is a violation FDCPA laws. Delete this account from my TU, EX, & EQ account within 5 business days of receiving this letter." That's almost identical to the letter I sent MCM for the same exact reason. When they didn't reply in 5 days and it was still on my report, I went to the BBB, the FTC, and the AG. This Saturday I finally get a letter from them agreeing to delete, it took about a month of going back and forth. As far as the 2nd CA, did you send the letter CMRRR? If so, when did they receive it? Write them another letter stating the date that they received the 1st letter, re-requesting the same info NOW since they "verified" then they obviously have something PROVING the debt is valid and lawfull..... Get where I'm goin???? Hope that helps a bit ... Try that,
  10. That's a beautiful thing!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
  11. Sashim80 .. I would still dispute with CRA and DV with CA. I had TWO apartment debts on my report that were $4000 EACH PLUS the default judgement against me because my silly azz didn't go 2 court (young and dumb?). Both of those JUST fell off of all my CRA's, however they were do to come right around this time anyway. I did manage to get them removed early just by disputing them with CRA. When I DV'd with CA, they actually sent me a copy of the lease I signed!! So I waited 2 months, disputed again with CRA's, and BAM, they're gone. So having been in your shoes, dispute with CRA and DV. There IS a chance they will just come off, MINE DID!!
  12. BAAMM!! MCM Bites on mine as of yesterday! Got the letter, there deleting from all 3! After the BBB, FTC, AG, they finally hit the road!!!
  13. No, I haven't done the trifecta yet. Do they also have the same purchasing procedures? Should I wait the 3 weeks until the Crown account begins to report?
  14. Bam! Done! Just did a purchase with Crown. How long does it take before they begin reporting?
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