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  1. Hello all! I got myself in a horrible situation! We allowed ourselves to get 3 mo behind on our house payment. Stupidly, I did not pay enough attention to the Notice of Intent to Accelerate letter. I have been talking to CountryWide since before we were even behind trying to keep in contact. NO ONE knows what they are talking about at this company. I cant tell you how many different things we had been told that werent true. Well, being that our situation was improving by the month, we figured we would just keep making monthly payments as to not fall anymore behind, and we thought we would be
  2. Hi! Everyone! I need a little assistance with a request from my mortgage company. First off all of this is so new to me so if you need any other info about our sitiuation please ask. I went into the negative in my bank account 3 months ago. I think what happened was I accidently used the wrong card out of my wallet. Well, now they want me to write a letter explaining why my account was in the negative. What should I say??? Is there a good explanation I can use?? Anyone have any expeireince with something like this?? I think the charge was for a $15 Post office charge. I am so freiking exited
  3. Im posting this for a friend of mine. She is confused as to what to do here. She is willing to pay but they are expecting crazy amounts of $ at once from her. Here is her question.... I owed Best buy 2317.00. They sold my debt to EMCC who never even contacted me before sending me to a lawyer. I spoke with the lawyers office to try to work out some sort of settlement. They said I could pay 1500.00 which I did on the 13th of February. But I still have to pay the remainder in 3 payments of 272.63 over the next 3 months. I want to know if I cancel my remaining 800.00 payments, will/can they still
  4. Hi! I know every company is prob a bit different but does anyone know when our trade will show as paid and when the new auto loan will be put on? I think we have been approved for Franklin, Im just not sure. Im dying to know if our loan has totally been accepted and everything completly done!!! THANKS!
  5. Hi! I have a charge off with Capital one from a couple years ago? Will they flat out deny me becasue of that? Here is my info on it... CAPITAL 1 BK More about this account >> TransUnion Experian Equifax Condition: Paid Paid Derogatory Balance: $0 $0 $0 Type: Credit Card Credit Card Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff Past Due: $0 $0 $0 High Balance: $706 $0 $706 Terms: 0 0 0 Limit: $200 $200 $0 Payment: $0 $0 $0 Opened: 10/10/2000 10/01/2000 10/01/2000 Reported: 01/06/2008 03/01/2004 01/01/2008 Responsibil
  6. Oh THANK-YOU!!! I guess I will use the # at the top of the letter CREDIT RELATIONS. Did they pull your credit again?
  7. Hey guys! Ok, so I have a question. I recently had an app spree for hubby which he did excellant on. He got Target $200 Mays $100 Hooters $1100 My question is.. He is getting a new car in about a month is all this new credit going to look bad or help? He hasnt used his Target yet so I dont think it would report till he does. And he hasnt opened the hooters yet either. He also has only about a month old.. Crown 1500 Should I go ahead and have him open them all so they report or wait till after the car is bought? He also has a kay application that was denied due to the fact they could not verify
  8. I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!!! Well, Hubby got it!!! LOL WOOHOOO $1100 Limit is TU FICO was 625. I think I should add myself as an authorized user on his account??? Im not able to get anything but Macys. Oh well, IM HAPPY IM HAPPY!!! LOL
  9. I just got hubbys response from Kay's. They say that he was not approved becasue they couldnt verify his address and or phone #. Doe this mean if he calls them he will be approved?
  10. Hi! The exact same thing just happened to me with Capital One and Northland group. Id love to see your response to them!! My letter says somthing like... Unfortunatly we are unable to process your request with the info you provided. So we can process your request please give us the flollowing info...
  11. Im waiting to!! ERRR, I wanna know NOW!!! I did get hubbys Macy card in the mail today. $100 limit but better than nothing!!
  12. Im in Fl and they pulled EQ for hubby. Just got his FICO today and its 639, No Open collections or anything. Just a closed account he was late on a couple times. I applied for Kays yesterday and I got a 20 day message. Im thinking that this is NOT good news. BOOOHOOO. Guess time will tell!
  13. Hi! My husband and I would like to get a 2nd car this year. The problem is they both have to go onto his credit due to the fact that he is the only one with a JOB. I do make pretty good money staying at home selling my handmade items on ebay and my online boutique. Anyways, this wont work due to our debt to income ratio. My question is, when the dealership asks for proof of income is thier anyhthing I can give them to satisfy this requirement. Thanks for any help or advice!! I do plan on filing taxes this next tax year, even though I am at a total loss on how to do so, LOL
  14. Well, I havent even one $29 fee yet, so doe that mean I will still get 2. Oh well! What happens if they decide to suspend us for pulling to much?
  15. Ok yall!!! I JUST got the $29 a year deal!!! This is exaclty what I did... Called 1-800-569-0117 where I pushed 000000 to talk to a rep, then she trasferred me to 877-993-6264 (she gave me the # incase we got disconnected) The automated service gave me a few options to give them my info, I pushed in that I would give my memeber Id #. Then I just waited while the automated thing asked me twice for the #. It then transferred me to a live rep. I told her I wanted to cancel and she offered the deal! AWESOME!! Im super happy!! Now I need to try with hubbys!! Hope this helps you all!!!