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  1. :confused:They just put a collection on all three reports for an AT&T Wireless account going back to 2002. They must be psychic or something, because along with these brand new items, they also put : [TransUnion] Dispute resolved; customer disagrees [Experian] Subscriber reports dispute resolved - consumer disagrees. Is this normal for them? I never disputed, because I never knew about it. Today though, I received "validation" from the, with a cover letter saying that they received my dispute and attached is the documentation blah blah blah.
  2. You need to be offered that. It's not automatic. What communication have you received from them?
  3. Just to clarify, with oasis there is no new card until you pay off the old balance. Until you have a $0 balance, they don't even send you the "application" for the new card. Also, if can accept the oasis offer, but miss a payment or stop communication, they will send the account back out for collection again at which point the oasis offer becomes invalid.
  4. Leave it where it is for now and don't do anything with it. That should be an option. If not, roll it over to an IRA. DON"T cash it out and use it to pay bills. You're going to end up getting killed with taxes and a 10% early distribution penalty, likely leaving you with ~50% of the current value. Not at all worth it. In the long run (of course, depending on how much money we're talking about here), it may be cheaper to just pay down the balances over time. The interest paid may be far less than the taxes and fees from cashing out the 401K, not to mention the fact that the investments have the opportunity to grow over time. Long story short: 99.99999% of the time, cashing out a 401k is the worst thing you could ever do
  5. They've sold it to another company, and they can do that. Did you put it in your written communication to them that they aren't to sell it?
  6. The consolidation may actually give you a boost, especially if you're going with a new company. The current tradelines will likely update to something like "paid in full" (as opposed to "transferred" or some other term, if you used the same company that currently holds them). That's a good thing. Then all you need to do is stay current on the new tradeline and you're on the right track. If you get a credit card, you have to use it. Not max it out, but keep a small balance on it (some people will say to pay it off in full every month - I think keeping a small balance is best - around 5% of the CL). Your CL will likely be !~$350, so use it at the gas station or to buy your daily coffee or something, and pay off most of it the day you get the statement (don't pay it the same day you make the purchase - though some people will say differently).
  7. This episode is on now. I'm confused, because they aren't pushing them into a tiered mortgage at all. Dr Phil and the professional money person (or whatever she is) are actually encouraging them to dump the house and either get something smaller or an apartment.
  8. If you're going to do a PFD, why would you start with the CA rather than the OC?
  9. Don't make the mistake of believing that they are asking you for that info because they don't have it. They likely have it and every other piece of information you've ever provided to them. Keep on your toes with this one. If you're coming up on SOL, expect to be served in the near future if it's not resolved somehow first.
  10. Contact, communications, whatever. Bottom line is that you either tell them to stop contacting you all together or you don't bother. The only exception is if they're calling you at work, at home at a time that is a burden (i.e. you work third shift and they call you at 10am when you are sleeping), etc. You can request that all future contact be written only, but that's not a cease and desist and they don't have to honor it. The conflict in your request is that you sent them a "cease and desist" AND asked them to prove the debt. You can't tell them to stop contacting you, but in the same letter ask them to contact you
  11. You can't request a "cease and desist" just for telephone contact. It has to be for all contact, so that means no mail either. And you certainly can't request a C&D but also in the same letter request that they provide you with proof of the debt. It's a conflicting request.
  12. The thing is that most people spend months building a case, have a paper trail of provable violations, recordings, etc. You're saying you have one phone call the same day they received you're supposed "cease and desist" (which again, you didn't really request anyway). The award is up to $1000. That doesn't mean you would get $1000. You could be awarded $1, $100, whatever. But in any case, you likely need some rock solid and documented violations. If you went into court and showed your letter and a snapshot of your caller ID with PRA's phone number on it, you'd have nothing more than an aggravated judge.
  13. You don't really have anything on them. One phone call they day they receive a letter (and one business day after) isn't even worth doing anything with. Just because someone signed for a letter doesn't mean it was opened yet or given to the appropriate department yet. Also, if you're request was to "cease and desist" telephone communications, that's a sort of worthless request. It's all or nothing. A full C&D is pretty much a horrible idea if there is any chance the debt is yours. If you really want to catch them on violations (and if you do, and go after them, you're award could be as little as $1, so don't look at is as a money making machine), then get the recorder, answer your phone and talk to them. Just be careful what you say if you really plan on using the tapes in court.
  14. Another BTO tale full of inconsistencies. Some things never change. So, I thought you worked for an airport? No mention of this being volunteer work, so I would assume a paycheck of sorts would be involved, no? I'm sure the lawyer is aware of that and there would be your explanation of why she keeps dragging you into court.
  15. The Amex offer to regain membership. The CL will be 1/2 of what you owe. If you request old statements, they'll also send them to you. There is also no inquiry for the new card - they don't run your credit. It's a nice offer for rebuilding.
  16. Call them and tell them you're going to pay off the balance. You can do it in installment payments. I have to say they are really, really nice to deal with, believe it or not. The new account is actually your old account, so depending on how long ago you opened it, you'll get a nice boost, history wise.
  17. I wouldn't mention it. Also, you may want to edit your post to take out the specific dollar amounts. Capital One attorneys have been known to read here (there is actually a thread by a poster where the Cap 1 attorneys printed out some of her posts on here and used them as evidence in the case).
  18. You didn't say it wasn't your debt. If it's not, then what's the point of this thread? Why try to find a "violation" in something that isn't there if the entire account isn't even yours to start with? More specifically " And a past due amount cannot be increased after an account is charged off. If you disagree with that, that's fine. " You are 100000000% incorrect in believing a charged off account balance cannot increase. It absolutely can, and will, and it's entirely legal, and the reporting on such an account is not "inaccurate." Just because I'm not an admin or a mod doesn't mean my answer is incorrect. I used to work for TransUnion. I do have a very good understanding in this area.
  19. Yes, it can. The account is still past due. You are still responsible for paying it.
  20. Yes, but it doesn't seem as though anything is being reported inaccurately. A past due amount is a past due amount. If you don't pay in a given month, the following month it will be larger.
  21. Charged off or not, you still owe the money. If you're not making payments, the monthly payment due would add on to the previous past due balance, which is what they're showing. Not sure how this could be any type of violation. They still own the account, you still owe them money, and it's reporting accurately.
  22. I'd still like an explanation as to how I was insulting, since I insulted no one on this thread.
  23. Thanks for the negative rating ("So sick of your condescending, rude, and mean-spirited attitude toward just about everyone here. Get over yourself."). Much appreciated. How was I insulting? Seriously.
  24. Harsh? What is the point in anyone here posting a bunch of completely random email addresses for people that work for a bank? How is it in any way helpful? Some of them could be for a BOA employee who works in the cafeteria. Or an intern. Or a janitor. If you use one of them you have NO IDEA who you're emailing, what they do there, etc., then what's the point? I work for a major pharmaceutical company. If anyone ever posted my email address on a bulletin board and I started getting random complaint emails that had NOTHING to do with me or my role in the company, I'd be livid. At my previous company, due to my role with the company in the organization I had to have an email address that was made public, but it wasn't my everyday one, for good reason. The amount of emails the mailbox received eventually required the traffic to be monitored by four people, all day everyday. It received inquiries/complaints for everything from tv commercials, stock price/investor info, dosing/prescribing inquiries, career opportunities, etc. None of these topics had to do with the department I worked in, not to mention the purpose for posting the email address. It's just irresponsible of anyone, anywhere, to randomly post information such as this.
  25. Any determined person with an ounce of intelligence would be able to find an email address for anyone they need to get in contact with. Posting those addresses only does more harm than good. I wouldn't use any of them now. It's not doing anyone any favors.
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