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  1. I had my CR's pulled in order to lease a commercial space for my business. These accounts knocked my score down enough that they almost didn't let me lease - it took a convincing argument. Ironically I wouldn't have had that problem had I waited three days. Whoops!!!!
  2. As an update... I got in touch with a NACA attorney who basically told me that he'd take my case if my original BK attorney didn't want to. I sent an Email over to the President, Vice President and Ops Manager at the CA very nicely letting them know that they reported these accounts for the first time 3 years past my BK discharge and that they had 30 days to remove them or face legal action. Not verbatim - I was actually much nicer given the circumstances. I heard nothing back and also sent the Email in printed form with attachments via registered mail. As of today, all three accounts were removed. It took a total of 3 days.
  3. Thanks again, JQ. I just saw that you responded to this one too. It's a sad situation, especially since I just watched my hard-earned credit score nosedive because of these fools.
  4. Thanks for the response, JQ. I appreciate it. The three accounts are all with the same nasty CA. Thankfully I have over four years of credit reports showing that these accounts were never previously reported. They are reporting as paid, no amount owed, so no FDCPA violation...but a definite (and what I thought was obvious) violation of my injunction. My CR said that the account was "opened" in 2006, however it was just reported as of 6/27/2010. Letters will be fired off tomorrow!
  5. Hey JQ, could you read my thread and PM me? What I've quoted above is applicable to my situation, I believe...And just wanted to confirm based upon your knowledge. http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1070588#post1070588
  6. Hi all. I posted somewhat of the same question in this thread over here, hoping someone could give me insight from an FCRA/FDCPA perspective. However, I thought some of you brilliant minds in the BK forum can help me out as well. Logged into TC today, 07/27/2010, and found that 3 CA accounts were reported on my TU CR as of 6/27/2010. All from the same CA, different accounts. Accounts are from 2006. I filed CH7 and was discharged in 2007. So basically, over 3 years after my BK, this CA has just now put these accounts on my CR. They're marked as "paid", however I thought that they couldn't begin reporting on something discharged in a CH7 if it wasn't previously reported?
  7. Hey all...Long time, no post. I logged into TC today for the first time in over a month to find three new CA accounts on my CR. All are marked as "paid", however none of these accounts have been on my CR for the past 3+ years. They were JUST reported as of 06/27/2010 on accounts from 2006 which were IIB and never previously reported. UGH. It's been so long since I've dealt with any of this BS that I have to dig through all of my FDCPA and FCRA documentation to pull out specific sections to cite in a strongly worded letter. Anyone know anything off of the top of their head? Thanks much.
  8. # HSBC MasterCard # GM Flexible Earnings Card # Direct Rewards® Platinum Card # Orchard Bank MasterCard # Platinum MasterCard® # Platinum Visa® # Union Plus Credit Card # GM Extended Family Card # Best Buy Reward Zone® program MasterCard # Sears Solutions Credit Card # Yamaha Mastercard I'm sure that there are more too.
  9. I've had my Target Red Card since 2007 and I'm still at the original $500 with no Visa upgrade, despite constant use of the card resulting in PIF'ing every single time there's a balance. I'm convinced that TNB doesn't enjoy the fact that I refuse to pay interest. LOL!
  10. Finally, Finally, received a $1,000 automatic CLI on my Cap1 after years of attempts. Otherwise, nada.
  11. Thanks for the response, jq. That's precisely what I thought. Ironically my BK attorney did not return my phone call this afternoon, which I was not too surprised by...Letters are being written and sent within the week and hopefully this will be resolved.
  12. Within the last week and a half since my last pull, my entire trifecta has dropped from my CR's most likely due to inactivity...Along with the IQ's. I'm assuming it's from the inactivity and yes, you have to reapply once they close the account!
  13. Woo-Woo!!!! (This is my first post since what...December?)
  14. Hi y'all! Long time, no talk.... One month ago I received a notification on my CR's that a new CA had popped up causing my score to plummet. Seeing as how I haven't had any type of negative account or debt owed since my BK filing in 2007, I knew that this had to be a pre-BK account. I called up the CA and requested an account statement in writing, since I had nothing, and asked for more information on the account. The account is from 2005. This CA had never reported the account to the CRA's previously. I filed for BK in 2007 and they were included. Nearly two years later, the CA suddenly begins reporting the account and has now reported it as a CO consecutively for two months in a row. Obviously my score has taken a HUGE hit by this. I was under the impression that a CA reporting an account after my BK discharge that had never before been on my CR was a violation of my BK in and of itself, once the CA has been furnished with a copy of my BK paperwork. Is this not correct? I was also under the impression that any type of collection activity, which INCLUDES reporting on a CR, is a violation. Is this not correct also? The CA is refusing to remove the account from my CR's and I'm awaiting a call from my attorney's office to see whether or not he's going to take care of this for me...If not, letters will be going out just as they did a few years ago. Hope all is well around here...
  15. True: Provided that you're not feeling gassy at the moment, because that'd be just vile. TNP: wants to bring me lunch because I'm starving.
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