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  1. do you think employees should be fired for fighting on the job>....I have to decide by monday morning!
  2. they sent me to collections .... and they told me to pay 1000.00 to get a removal of 200.00
  3. I only ask because a buddie of mine has had bad credit since we've been in college (20years plus)and NEVER got a judgement or denied for credit cards. Of course he waits about 7 years and applies for cards and gets them...Is there a system to collections or judgements that makes them go after selected people?
  4. Crimes never expire....I would seek counsel asappppppppppppp:shock:
  5. How are you sending the letters? You need signature confirlmation
  6. nointentionz


    This is why I had to move out of ARK.... is all i got there.
  7. make sure it says paid in full and not settlement accepted....because otherwise it seems to keep being active until 7years up:(
  8. me too...but last year I wasnt so lucky Crap one got me just before SOL ran out.
  9. I would call a realtor to discuss options...they have resourses
  10. Is there a database of lawsuits that lawyers use to find out if you have case money coming? Can a creditor put a lean on your case money:confused:
  11. from a person that has been robbed and 1st