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  1. After exhaustive efforts I can say for sure that you can not negotiate any changes to your credit report with Capital One. I decided to settle for 50% and will try to dispute it with the agencies to remove the line from my report at a later date. On a positive note again, I had 2 more dv successes with Credit Protection Associates and Allied Interstate. Also my equifax score has gone from a miserable 490 in July to 576 today. My next account to attack is with Applied Card Bank. However on my report I see Date of Last Payment 01/04, Date of last Activity 10/03 and First Major Deliquency 03/04. Which one is the start of the SOL.
  2. OK, so here is what happened in the last 2 weeks. When they sent the letter that I requested it said they would list the account "paid in full", I called back and said change the letter to reflect our conversation which was that for a full payment you would change the charge off status to Paid as agreed. He said they cannot do that as it is illegal to change accurately reported information. I told him we are making a new deal now and that when I pay it they can accurately report as Paid as agreed, but he would not budge. I'm not sure if 1) He is full of it and if I stick with it they will change the listing, 2) I should pay the full amount and get a Paid Charge off listing, or 3) Settle for a lesser amount and get a Settled Charge off listing. Any comments would be appreciated. On a positive note, I validated with NCO and had 3 accounts drop off my reports.
  3. Yes I started by saying I could not pay the full balance and he immediately offered me a 65% settlement and I'm sure I could take that lower. However he would not move from the listing being changed to "settled" and that is not what I want. At the moment they will only list it paid if I pay in full. I am going to try for 80% with a paid as agreed listing. I will report back.
  4. I told Capital one that i would pay what they say I owe in full if they agreed to change the listing to Account Closed paid as agreed and remove any indications of late payments on the account. The rep told me they could list as paid as agreed but could not remove any late payment information. Is that correct or should I keep pushing for removal of the negative payment history.