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  1. the question is if i claim bankruptcy who is going to get the house my friend or the credit cards;if i own money to my friend and keep make payments to him for the house can i keep it or it will sold in auction so the credit cards can get payed; the house is only 20.000$.thanks
  2. not working.50000$debt.the friend really loan money to me for the house.thanks
  3. yes sorry for my grammar but my english are not very good.what if i live in the house in south carolina or if my friend put a lien on the house.Also if my debts occurred in N J can i fill for bankrupty in S.C if i live there for less than a year; thanks
  4. 6 months ago i buy a condo in S.C for 20000$ cash with a loan from a friend. Now I have to fill for bankruptcy in nj for credit card and medical debt. Can I loose the house to the credit card and hospital creditors or I save it with the federal Homestead exemption and keep paying my friend the payments ;it is my only house but don't live there and I like to keep it.thanks
  5. if i buy a house and put it in a LLC company that i own can a creditor with a jugment against me put a lien on.thanks
  6. i went to the court to see if i have any judgments on my name.i found 4 i dont know anything about.1 from 1999,2 from 2000 and 1 from 2005.i never receive a notice because they deliver to address i use 13 years address was a p.o box so i dont sigh any papers. some debts was out of SOL.can i try to vacate the judgments or its to late; thanks
  7. can i close a account after a lien put on;
  8. I just found out a collection agency got a $9,000 lien on my checking account, which had only $500 in it. Now my checking account is $8,500 overdrawn. Can they do that? this is from other forum.what is going to huppen with the bank now;is he owning 8,500 to the bank;
  9. how often thery do that and what can trigger such an action;thanks
  10. i like to ask how the collection agensys find your bank account if you never show it to anyone.not write checks to nobody from there
  11. thanks for the answers.also i like to ask how the collection agensys find your bank account if you never show it to anyone.not write checks to nobody from there
  12. no i dont own any property.thanks
  13. for how long the courts keeps civil records;also if is 14 years old can i vacate it or its to late to apeal.i never served with papers
  14. New Jersey Statutes of Limitation Conversion of an instrument for money: 3 years, (N.J.S.A.12A: 3-118(g)). Sale of goods under the UCC: 4-years, (N.J.S.A. 12A; 2-725). Real or personal property damage, recovery and contracts not under seal: 6 years (N.J.S.A. 2A: 14-1). Demand Notes when no demand is made: 10 years. If demand made: 6 years from date of demand, (12A: 3-118(). Obligations under seal for the payment of money only, except bank, merchant, finance company or other financial institution: 16 years, (N.J.S.A. 2A: 14-4) actions for unpaid rent if lease agreement is under seal, (N.J.S.A. 2A: 14-4). Real estate: 20 years, (N.J.S.A. 2A: 14-7); Judgments: 20 years, renewable, (2A: 14-5); Foreign judgments: 20 years (unless period in originating jurisdiction is less), (2A: 14- 5). Unaccepted drafts: 3 years from date of dishonor or 10 years from date of draft, whichever expires first, (12A: 3- 118©).
  15. what that means;thanks