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  1. Yeah, I'm obviously planning on challenging it. The thing is, I can't understand why they would put this on a plain white piece of paper. I'm wondering what their motivation is. I may sound like a paranoid lunatic, but hear this out. I'm wondering if they sent bogus validation on a plain white/unidentifiable piece of paper to buy time. Perhaps if it goes to court, I sue them/they sue me, they'll say that they did obtain and send validation and I'm dishonestly denying they obtained it/sent it. Then when I show this plain white piece of paper, they say, "That isn't something we provided. I don'
  2. I started disputing/ asking for validation form LVNV in September. I just received a letter from Resurgent Capital Services today with "validation." The letter states: "Dear Motivated: RE: Account: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for you recent inquiry regarding this account. Enclosed please find an original validation of debt that verifies this debt. We have taken the necessary actions to ensure you will receive no further communications from Resurgent Capital Services, LP. If you have any question please contact....required 30-day, mini-miranda, etc." That's it. Strange. The "validation" is just a
  3. Truth in Lending Act States... (20) Open-end credit means consumer credit extended by a creditor under a plan in which: (i) The creditor reasonably contemplates repeated transactions; (ii) The creditor may impose a finance charge from time to time on an outstanding unpaid balance; and (iii) The amount of credit that may be extended to the consumer during the term of the plan (up to any limit set by the creditor) is generally made available to the extent that any outstanding balance is repaid. I believe this applies in the absence of a written contract. Please discuss the
  4. Clarification would be great. "The statute of limitations that applies depends upon what type of account the credit card holder has with the credit card issuer. If it is an open account (where there is the expectation of ongoing transactions), the statute of limitations may be three years from the last transaction with the credit card issuer. (A.R.S. ยง 12-543). Likewise, if there was no written contract with the credit card issuer, a three year statute of limitations may apply. However, if there was a written contract in Arizona with the credit card issuer, the statute of limitations may be si
  5. I spoke to a NACA attorney here in AZ who also said that CC is "always" considered written in AZ. Also, coincidentally, I have BofA and Discover both "fudging" the DOLA on my reports for the same period. They should show the end of 1999...but show CO of 2002 and 2003.
  6. I have a Bank of America account I haven't made a payment on since I was involved in a major auto accident in December 1999. They now have the Date Major Delinquency 1st Reported as 07/2006 on my reports. Is this re-aging? They charged it off 04/2002 per talking to B of A. The debt was sold right after that per talking to B of A. It's changed hands numerous times and is now with ACC/The Devil. Check this... How should I proceed? I'm worried that B of A and The Devil will chat and the false records will be exchanged....and then?
  7. It is unbelievable to me that they can get away with this. The video was a great idea. I'm blown away and for obvious reasons we didn't get to see the actual documents traded. I'm sure they are just as unbelievable as far as the extent and number of violations. I NEVER received any written communication from them!
  8. Are they outside of SOL? How old are the debts? Are there any errors on the TLs. Can you afford to settle? HAve you considered PFD offer? What is the date of first delinquency?
  9. I have American Credit Collections, LLC,Aka/ACC, LLC,Aka/AM Mortgage reporting different information to all 3 CBs regarding a SOL CC with Bank of America. You have to see this video on the Bud Hibbs site. Anybody else dealing with these clowns?
  10. Congrats on the EX delete. I have them on all three of my reports for a debt that's past the 3-year SOL for CC here in AZ. I'm really not looking forward to dealing with these guys. I may just talk to an attorney. Keep us updated.
  11. Awesome! I can't wait to be in the same ballpark. Right now, I'm not in the same town. I live in Subprimeville thanks to a medical nightmare in 2000. Anyway, you're an inspiration. Congrats!
  12. All I can say is keep at it. From my recent experience, the credit reporting agencies are a bunch of faceless apathetic misinformed tools. I've spent the whole day trying to figure out why Transunion won't allow TrueCredit to access my report with them. 9 phone calls later, Transunion tell me it's because I have active disputes with them. I got different answer from everybody I talked to and they all did their best to get me off the phone as opposed to helping me. They had me calling back and forth all day. Doesn't seem right. I guess that's what you get with a faceless bureaucracy. I think t
  13. Thanks, Stresspot. I'd like to keep this going. Anybody else suing these two or have useful info?
  14. elyse, I understand the difference between the SOL and the 7 years they can report. I appreciate you answering my questions. Let me try to be more clear in my questions...sometimes I get a bit verbose and can be unclear. My questions are: Aren't they bound by the same SOL as the original creditor...3 years for CC etc? Also, can reporting a debt as a collector or JDB after the SOL be considered an attempt at collections...and if they do this after the SOL aren't they in violation? Also just to be clear CAs can't report to the CBs after the 7 years are up from the DOFD? They can't report a "new
  15. yeah, I did a search for both. I'm looking to gather/prompt more information and specifics about them as it seems to me that MANY are having problems with Asset Acceptance and LVNV.