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  1. oh, nvm lol, i thought you meant it only went up $40 for the whole year. $40/month, i see your point. Good job on the car, hopefully it lasts as long as the honda
  2. You should be careful about your insurance... You say it only went up $40? I find that very hard to believe. If you had liability only, on an OLDER car and now you bought a NEWER CAR plus comp and collision, you premium will increase big time on your renewal. That $40 is most likely the prorated increase for the rest of your policy period, you should call and ask what your renewal premium will be. It will most likely double. I could be wrong, but in my years of experience, that seems to be the most likely explanation. I'm an insurance agent for AAA
  3. Here is the number for Customer Service, hope it helps 1-866-615-6319
  4. Hey guys, I sent a letter to all 3 CRs I sent them a copy of my SS card, Drivers license and recent paystub, to change my incorrect birthday, incorrect name, and incorrect addresses. All 3 showed they were received on the 17th, and signed for. How long will it usually take for them to respond or post the new info to my credit reports? I only gave them my address and phone number, will they contact me about the changes or will I see them with my next pull? Any help on a timeline would be great, thanks guys and gals.
  5. Yeh, i have a C rating with no deliquencies and 1 negative. an experian score of about 650(i think), and i got funded for $1100 at a 14.7% rate. I had just signed up and put up a 3day listing the same day. By the end of the bid, I had gotten over 50 bids. I opted to fund the loan and they said the loan was "under review by our staff." The funny thing was, as soon as I got my address verification postcard, i verified my address and received an email stating my loan was approved and would show in my bank account in 2-4 business days. Well, it showed right up within 2 days. Prosper is A OK in my book thus far.
  6. count me in as well, i received the same error Please make sure this information is correct: Our databases are currently being updated. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please try again later. [EC0000]
  7. ok, i think i will try the phone. Does anyone know what to say about disputing a past TL, now that the address associated with it was removed? What should I say and what can I expect to be asked?
  8. ah crap, thanks guys. Would it matter, or can I, dispute via mail or by phone , to surpass the 30day limit?
  9. i disputed 1 address, it was deleted. How soon after can someone dispute again?
  10. How long after you dispute on TransUnion online, can you open another dispute? I disputed with Transunion, they deleted in my favor, and now when i try to open a new dispute, it only shows me the updated status of my recent dispute. generally, whats the time frame of opening a new dispute after one is finsihed? online disputes that is
  11. Hey, I'm not sure about score, but I do know they pull Equifax. Make sure your Equifax Information is ACCURATE. If anything is not matching up, address, employment, etc...then you will get declined, no matter what your score is
  12. Well, bascially I had a $17 SCE(So Cal Edison Utility)bill that reported as collection/charge off. It was reported on all 3 CRAs. When I found out, I immediately called Edison and paid off the $17, and the reporting changed to "Collection." I disputed all 3, but only EX and EQ gave me the delete. TU just updated the status to PAID. I know it would have been a better idea to do PFD, but I didn't know about these kind of things, until AFTER i found this website, go figure... I was thinking of writing a Good Will Letter to SCE in hopes of them removing the account from TU(I basically moved, and they said I had credit on my account, but then a final bill was sent in excess of my so-called "credit", I never got the bill, and only found out about it when I applied for my credit union a year later...) I've have read of others luck in the past. However, I'd hate for them to deny the letter, and then end up reporting again on all 3 CRAs. What would be the most logical step for me? This account has taken my TU down by roughly 60 points!!
  13. Hi everyone, I have a question. If you dispute something and the CRA finds in your favor and deletes the "baddie", is there a possibility that the baddie could reappear on your account at a later date? under any circumstances? Thank you
  14. If you pay a personal loan off about 1 week after you get it ($500), can can you apply for another one right after, if its through your credit union?
  15. PERFECT!!! Thanks a lot for all of your suggestions jq26. I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT. I am a member of the credit uninon OCTFCU, orange county teachers fcu. I just got my $500 loan with them the other day, and today I just got approved for a VISA Gold Card with a 10.9% APR with a $500 CL as well. I also took your advice and applied for 3rd TL. An unsecured Orchard Platinum Mastercard. To my surprise, I also got approved on that one for a $500 CL. The reason I applied for this one, is because I've read that it is one of the best for a starter/rebuilder of credit, and that is what I am doing right now. So to sum it up: OCTFCU Personal Loan-$500: Paying $250 1st month, $125 2nd month, $31.25+/- remaining 4 months. OCTFCU Visa Gold-$500 CL: Using it to pay Cell Phone Bill and Car Insurance (Total = $142) ORCHARD Platinum Mastercard-$500 CL: Using it to pay Gym Fees and GAS (Total = $140) I know my Credit Limits are low, but it's all I am qualified for right now, according to both companies. Does this sound like a good plan for now?
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