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  1. bd50

    new travel site

    i see what u mean, shortbus, and i'm very paranoid myself about online ordering for most items if i dont know the company very well. however, my wife and several co-workers and friends have already booked flights and hotels many times in the past couple months. the site is legit in that respect. the links to the different pages i cannot explain, maybe it is some type of affiliate thing, but it does provide legitimate confirmation numbers and such for whatever is booked. i just think its good to have new places to shop for travel, if one can get a better rate. thanks for your input either way:)++ bd50
  2. bd50

    new travel site

    lol,, ok shortbus, if u want a response to THAT post, which in itself is clearly "devoid of helpful content", here it is: 1) u must have more computer/net skills than we do, because i didn't know the site was based in fla. 2) yes, i guess it's a coincidence. why would there be a travel agency based in fla anyway? no one wants to come here. (sarcasm) 3) the helpful content was obvious. read it again if need be. me and the wife are not in the travel business, although she travels often for work. if u must know, she is the assistant to a child counselor. and my profession is more like "waste management" than anything else! (figure that one out, lol) again, have a great weekend !
  3. bd50

    new travel site

    hi everyone, hope all is well with you and yours well my wife travels alot for work (unfortunately:() and her office has been using this site recently, which has competetive rates when we compared it to priceline, orbitz, etc. , it also has cruises and all that other good stuff too, the site is: www.SavvyFlights.com i thought i'd pass it along if it would help save some $ for those who travel often. have a great weekend ! bd
  4. they now claim to report to "multiple bureaus"... that could mean 2 or all 3.. i will post update indicating which ones when i sign up.
  5. why not? the obvious reason one would pay for these ox tradelines is for a score boost,, and not for any "e-books".. the owner of the site was once a mortgage broker, he obviously wanted to pick up where the "authorized user" stops working. with ox the tradeline is your own. anyway, i will be trying them out soon, and i will post my experience as well as any score boost.
  6. i wonder what percentage of CB workers have attempted or committed identity theft with all the info they have access to... i would assume they go through a strict background check, much like a govt. job maybe?
  7. congrats on the new bizz! i have used the pay-day loans before,,, it's just like having a "legal loan shark" down the street..
  8. i had the identitymonitor.com from citi bank,, and it was pretty good, however it's only a monthly puller.. and you don't need to have any accounts or cards with citi bank. it also has a program within it called "creditXpert", which is a pretty accurate "what-if" score simulator, which you can see what happens by paying down debts, opening new credit, etc. i found it to be about 95% accurate.
  9. i'd love to see the wamu service if it monitors all 3 FICOs!! since myfico.com has yet to offer that..
  10. i came upon this info on a bill the Senate is reviewing, called the Fair Tax Act, very interesting proposal on changing our tax system and eliminating the IRS. links here: http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer http://www.grassfire.org/84/petition.asp
  11. ok, i submitted 2 online complaints with BBB in both states that these idiots operate. I am also sending the CRAs copies of their letter admitting they cannot validate the debt. wish me luck!
  12. awesome news then! now i'm pumped up for my next move... will update soon.. bd50
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