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  1. I have already checked the papers and I've been granted an order to show cause.
  2. So whats the next process for you?
  3. State - NY I have read many forum threads and sites like the BBB that claim Mel S. Harris has a convenient way to serve summons to ensure the defendant does not recieve them in order to appear in court and they therefore have a default judgement placed against them. This has happened to me and my accounts have been frozen. Is there any legal action that can be taken and anything I can do to help myself when I appear in court for my order to show cause? Waking up one day to see my account frozen without recieving a summons was horrible. I get payed bi-weekly and having this done to me in such a fashion has and will continue to hurt me in an unacceptable manner. I have no money at all to live off of, pay my student loan and other bills, register for school, or make it to work. This freeze will mean I will not recieve any money from my job for atleast a month and a half at the earliest. I applied for the nypd and passed the test but need one last class to be eligable but now I can't even register for school due to the fact I have no money and have missed the deadline. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Sorry charlanyc, I meant order to show cause. I fixed the post now. Did you recieve the summons or did it magically vanish on you also?
  5. State - NY Mel S. Harris and Associates froze my bank accounts and I never even recieved an official summons. I went to court today and was able to have the judge do an order to show cause. I reviewed the paperwork on file at the court and with no suprise there was a couple errors. I have seen complaints all over the internet about Mel S. Harris and Associates. I have filed a complaint on the BBB and would like to know if there is anything else I can do to help myself in this situation. I will list some info below. Original amount owed: $1862.13 Suit Amount: $2571.98 with waived attorney fees Total: $2725.45 Original summons Dated: 4/20/2007 Attorney summons Dated: 4/23/2007 Date served summons (allegedly): 5/21/2007 Delivered to: Ms. Elena??? (which said I lived there??) Description: 14-20 year old female The Civil court file that states when and who it was delivered to is dated 5/16/2007. Did they travel into the future to deliver it on 5/21/2007 and come back to the court 5 days previously to report it or am I missing something? Wouldn't these dates make it almost impossible for me to make it into court even if they actually really did deliver it to me? I don't know how these things work so please4 bare with me. Is there anything I can do it court to fight this? I would like to know if I need to hire an attorney. Any suggestions or information is appreciated. If there is any info that I posted which is not allowed could a moderator please edit my post or notify me of what I need to fix, thank you. BTW - With all the complaints and similar situations I have read about is there a class action lawsuit against these people or anywhere I can file a complaint?