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  1. case was dismissed because someone didnt show up or called. not sure otherwise.
  2. Should I admit that I owe them money, since they have written contract and I have admitted it last time they took me to court?
  3. Well, they took me to court first time about 6-7 months ago, I admitted that I owned them something. I didnt agree with the amount, but I did admit. Since this is a different court, can I do something different? They are lawyers from on behand of the CC, they have proof of everything, even my application for the CC. The case was dismissed last time due to lack of recordkeepers presence. Am I screwed?
  4. I have a debt to one of the major credit card company, as I understand the statute of limitation on that is 4 years. Last time I stopped paying was in 2003 so it has been roughly 4 year since. I have been living in a different state until late 2003. The creditor has tried to sue me before and failed due to lack of documentation, they are going again. The credit limit was 1,200 and they are suing me for almost $4,000 and they will not take $2,000 which I think its insane, but oh well. I have been thinking of Statute of limitation, but I dont know what to do in court. Do I just go in there and say I have this debt, but statute of limitation is up? Do I need to provide documentation that I have been in florida for 4 years? My drivers license only was changed to Florida address in 2004-2005. Please give me a legal advice I have to go to court in 2 days time, and I would like to at least have a clue what to say or how to defend myself.
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