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  1. I'm surprised at the previous posters claiming that Vantage is fico? Its independent through the 3 CRA's. My friend just received a TU report with a Vantage score in the high 600's described as Bad. I have also recently read about Mortgage lenders looking at Vantage scores....so it's being used to some degree.
  2. They must be filed after the judgment is vacated and then discussed at trial. I had to file my answer before my order to vacate was completed. (I've heard different stories in the Bx and Queens) I used the "Answer In person" form but if I'd known better, I would have had an answer prepared and then attached it to the "Answer In person" form. What happened when you had the other 2 judgments vacated?
  3. If a CRA is unable to verify information for a dispute within 30 days (45 if using free report), they must delete the item in dispute. This does not mean that the CA deleted the item.
  4. You haven't answered any the previous questions we asked you. Did you look at the links on how to answer a summons in MI?
  5. If it was a real validation, you might want to think about settling. They can put the account on your report at any time and sue you at any time. What would be her reason for suing the Credit Bureau?
  6. After the judgment is vacated, you file your answer with the court. Your answer should include your counterclaim and defenses.
  7. HI Lilolas! First let me say that I have no experience with DV's- I'm sending my first letter tomorrow. I think the next step would be to file complaints with the AG and BBB in your area. Bally's - If this is a very old account, I doubt that the records are available. I was sued for a Bally's account (not by Asset) and the CA could not provide anything on the account..no statement..nada
  8. Maybe the law firm has the account because they are able to collect on the debt without a license? I dont know anything about NC , but it sounds like you're doing the right things. IMO ...calling them is a bad move.
  9. Hello! My summons and complaint was not signed. The affidavit of service was signed, but not the actual complaint. I mentioned this in my counterclaim but didnt site a law as I was unsure. This is in the FRCP: .I dont see this in the NY RCP. Does anyone know if NY Civil courts require all pleadings to be signed?
  10. Is this civil court? Look at these resources: http://courts.michigan.gov/scao/courtforms/generalcivil/dc03.pdf General Information About Responding to a Civil Complaint http://courts.michigan.gov/scao/selfhelp/general/answers.htm Responding to Summons and Complaints in Consumer Cases http://michiganlegalaid.org/library_client/resource.2006-03-07.0642840284/html_view
  11. Did you call the court and confirm that a real complaint has been filed? This doesnt sound like Citibank is suing you: Who you are dealing with will determine how you respond. If you have until 9/20 to answer, I suggest you run to the court and "Answer In Person". Here is an example of how to answer: http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showpost.php?p=715029&postcount=17 Some of the other answers in the thread are overkill. I will see what else I can find..
  12. Lecasbas- That's it! ..and explains why Pinpoint never directly contacting me regarding the alleged debt. now the GOOD NEWS::trumpet: I went to court with them today and the case was discontinued.. with prejudice! I saw no paperwork regarding the discontinuance, but it is showing up online. The stipulation should be mailed to me and I'm praying that it is filed "with prejudice" as agreed by the Attorney. The Attorney tried to get me to settle. and I calmly explained that their client had plenty of time to prove the account was mine and that they could legally collect on it. Although I didnt go before a Judge, I do feel that if I came across weak and mousy with the Attorney, things would have turned out differently. ::punk::Lecasbas-Thanks again for all your tips and help you gave for my other pending case. It helped me stay confident and I was determined to win! I was thinking of your quote all morning:
  13. Thanks Lecasbas. NY consumer affairs and AG websites clearly state that a debt collector should be licensed...so I'm wondering if this is being enforced. .. I'm having a hard time finding cases with them (Pinpoint)
  14. Hi Jean! Good luck with your situation. I've been watching and also hope that one of the more experienced members will jump in with some tips. Did you check your case online to see if the Plaintiff filed any motions?
  15. I'm also considering Mvelopes . MS Money looks like it might require too much effort on my part.
  16. Hi Hopelesscred! Did you end up paying the old Macy's account?
  17. When my disputes were completed, I did receive an email.. my disputes were just for addresses or name variations. I can't remember if mine went to my spam folder or not. But I do remember having to search my inbox for the email. it was from :
  18. Oops! That was a typo. I meant that they filed a complaint and summons.
  19. Congrats! I'm a little confused though...wasnt your court date in Oct?
  20. Is this them? http://www.fortworth.bbb.org/codbrep.html?ID=95010031&cons=y&wlcl=y&fromWin=Search.html
  21. I should have just mailed a simple letter stating "I've been receiving calls from this number. Please contact me via USPS mail". or something similar.
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