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  1. You are right on point! They look at several factors (including whats on your credit report) to determine if you can pay or how likely they are to get a judgment against you. The better your credit gets, the more likely they are to sue. I read a huge post discussing this in depth on another site (cant remember which one).
  2. You're welcome Jason! This is proof:http://www.experian.com/collections_industry/index.html I'm curious to know how you interpret these types of services that Experian is offering? and isnt the press release in the other thread proof? This is almost old news. I just found out myself last month by reading tons of posts on opting out
  3. Thank you both for your responses! I wasnt thinking of DV, but more along the lines of a 30 day dispute letter. I spoke to an Attorney today who helps Pro Ses. He said not to bother with the dispute letter at this point. I asked him about discovery because its has been suggested to me on another forum. He said that discovery is rarely used in NY Civil Court but it can be used. Either way, The Plaintiff will have to show and prove. He said that I could easily request a "Bill of Particulars" if I wanted.
  4. Lolah- Check your credit report to see if the attorney made an inquiry. If your present address is on the report and they made an inquiry, they should have it.
  5. Hi Lolah, first you need to find out if you are definitely being sued. Its very important, because as Daprez said , they can get a default judgement against you if you dont answer. Maybe you can have her fax it to you (using a local Kinkos).
  6. http://courts.state.ar.us/rules/current_proc_prof_conduct/profcondrev9.cfm More info here: http://www.findlaw.com/10fedgov/judicial/district_courts.html There are 2 districts in AR... From what I read, they may be able to mail the summons CMRRR What do you mean by ? Was it an actual summons?
  7. I just received a summons for an LVNV debt I'm not aware of. One of the complaints in the summons is that I didnt "object" to the debt. The first letter I received was a settlement letter (25 days ago) that did not notify me of my right to dispute within 30 days ( I will mention this is in counterclaim). I'm working on my answer now. My question: Does it make sense to still send my standard 30 day, dispute letter ? My thinking is that it won't hurt and at least I did officially dispute ... Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I'm still trying to find the answer to this. I'm going to a courthouse today to speak to an attorney for Pro Se's. I hope to come back with the answer.
  9. 21%! :shock:I had a score in the low 500's, a mystery tax judgement and I received a better rate than that!
  10. I know for a fact that creditors got my new information from the CRA's, just by looking at the addresses they use. I dont have any proof that it works, but its the only thing you can do and you can choose to OPT IN. The website you have is legit. You can visit the FTC to confirm this information: http://www.ftc.gov/privacy/protect.shtm . I think this says alot :
  11. Thank you both! I guess I'll pay on time and wait patiently. Esquire I would think that credit unions would be more forgiving-can you please let us know what response you get from your letters? I got this at myfico.com :
  12. I just mentioned this today too (Didnt see that press release though http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=274274 "Opting out" is the best you can do to fight it.
  13. How can I bring my car loan In Good Standing on my credit report? Will paying on time for 6 months do it? I was doing great for a long time , but got several lates in 2006 and early 2007. This account is not in collections. Any info would be appreciated.
  14. I have 4 baddies 2 judgments: 1 mystery unpaid and 1 paid 1 car loan with lates.
  15. He can request a hearing after the judgement if its been less than one year ago (I did this on my lunch break once). I honestly don't know how you dispute after it goes to collections, but here is the hotline number: 212-4405410
  16. This can be very tricky. If after you dispute, you feel you need to contact them, do it via mail. You can search this forum and Google for their mailing addresses. You might want to share a little more information ( the amounts and wether or not they are past SOL.) so that other posters here can better advise you on how to proceed. Last month, I called a creditor that was calling me constantly and "opened up a can of worms". They immediately filed sued me. I learned later that this made them think I would be an easy win and was in a financial situation to pay. In my situation, I wasnt aware of the debt and company.
  17. You should only need to opt out once for all 3. I just opted out this month but from what I hear, it takes a min of 30 days. to take effect.
  18. Did you use purple ink or special paper?
  19. Capital One is known for doing this. They are the only collection that I rushed to settle with.
  20. Hi, What city is he in? In NYC the Ticket and the penalties have to be paid.
  21. Same thing I experienced 2 years ago. Toyota will work with bad credit and first time buyers because they have their own bank.
  22. I dont think this is completely true. They dont alert existing creditors, but creditors may buy lists.This is also why Opting out is important. Look at the products that Experian is selling to creditors: http://www.experian.com/collections_industry/index.html
  23. If they won the judgment there is no need for them to settle for a lower amount. Was this a default judgment by chance?
  24. That's a good idea. Did you try looking up your case here: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivilLocal/LCSearch?param=I If I understand correctly, you requested a stipulation of discontinuance with prejudice after your trial?
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