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  1. Its from the Untouchables! I admit that I got help from a co-worker. I knew it was a gangster film though..
  2. CONGRATS! Question- did your efforts also include adding new cards to increase your amount of avail credit?
  3. Well said Elyse! I totally agree! Anytime you have reason to believe that your partner is stepping outside of the marriage, you should get checked.
  4. My trial is in 2 wks. Otherwise I would have filed for discovery. My suggestion to you: Have your answer and counterclaim(if you want) ready. After your judgement is vacated, you will need to file this at the clerks office, before they will enter your order to vacate. THEN you will fax the paperwork to your bank and get your account released. Here are some resources which may help you (you may have already reviewed them) http://www.courts.state.ny.us/courts/nyc/civil/answeringcase.shtml http://www.courts.state.ny.us/courts/nyc/civil/forms/AnsweringInstructions.pdf Guide for pro ses (pdf-may take a min to load) http://www.courts.state.ny.us/publications/GuideforProSes.pdf Good Luck
  5. Hi tylemcorp! I didnt get a default judgement. I'm working on my answer now.
  6. The judgement is vacated- so there is no longer a judgement. Settling prevents both sides from having to go through a trial. tylemcorp - with an Oct date, it sounds like you have time for discovery?
  7. Hi Pnc! What was the court date that you kept?
  8. Big Congrats! I 'm just started trying to clear up my issues with them..
  9. The index number refers to the file in NY civil court. When I called the courthouse this morning, I was told that they couldnt find anything under my name. The CA had drafted the summons the day after I received their settlement letter in the mail!
  10. I didnt admit to it. I said that I wanted to get this resolved, and may accept a settlement, but needed more information such as a bill, OC etc. Thats when he said that getting "more information" would put me into another category. He said that he could settle for X amount of dollars and I said "mail me something". He verbally gave me the OC's name, but with a balance that wasnt mine. After looking at their letter again, I'm even more confused because it says that the client is LVNV. Calling them was the only way I could find out who they were,as they kept leaving automated voicemails. Update: I called the court this morning and there was no case on file for me. When I got home, there was a summons in my mailbox with an index number!
  11. This attorney (Ru ben and R o thman) has been leaving me automated msgs. When I call back, its very difficult for me to reach anyone that will speak to me about my account. I had no idea who they were or why they were calling me! When I did finally speak to someone, he agreed to send me a letter with a settlement and the OC's name. He said that if he validates the debt it will "change everything" and put me into another category ?? I called him back a day after I received the letter and asked him to change the settlement into 2 payments. He agreed but said that a judgement had already been "issued". I asked him why he would seek a judgment when his original settlement offer hadn't expired and he yelled at me and hung up. I checked with the Courts and there was no judgement or case on record...yet I was thinking of sending him a letter again asking for a settlement offer or judment # that I can reference. I'm sure they'll seek a judgement if I send a DV letter. State: NY /debt is under $1000 Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with these nasty people? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. Just like you, I never received a summons. It was sent to an old address. There was incorrect information on my summons along with a weird description like yours. The dates are probably incorrect(I'm not sure as I'm still learning like you). When you go to your hearing, bring any documention you can that proves that you weren't at that address on that date and time (if that's the case). You may not get that far as M. Harris will probably try to settle with you ahead of time. Also, arrive to court early and pay attention to the court clerk. She appears to be in cahoots with the Attorneys. I heard her ask M. Harris if he noticed something wrong with his paperwork. Of course, I assumed she was referring to my paperwork. Minutes later, M. Harris pulled me aside to settle, which I refused . An attorney will need around $750 min to go to court. I would wait before hiring an attorney.
  13. Hi Jperez, I am also dealing with Mel harris in NYC. I got my judgement vacated and the case is being put back on the calendar. Are you sure you got your judgement vacated? Or did you file an "Order to Show Cause" ?
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