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  1. I know that everyone on here is totally against sending the letter of dispute via email but I did it with both Asset Acceptance and Arrow and so far I have Arrow removed and the AG is assisting me with Asset Acceptance. I simply did a search for Asset and sent the letter in an email and did a trace on it so I will know when it was received and opened. At first Asset claimed this was not a valid method and gave me a 800 number to call. When I called the 800 number it stated that you could send the dispute via email and the required documents to validate the debt would be sent via email. The AG
  2. I have read several threads on here about the way becoming an authorized buyer will affect your credit. I had my boyfriend add me on his credit card as an authorized buyer. It showed up on my EX report today.It is listed under responsibility as me being an authorized buyer. Will this still help my credit or not?
  3. Congratulations. Be patient if they agreed to do it throught the BBB then they should do it. If they do not then you have a very good witness.
  4. So far I have used the BBB and various AG and so far I have had both Arrow and West Asset Management removed from my reports. It does work in some cases you just have to be persistent when doing so. Personally I do not have the money to pay to sue people unless I have no other choice. It is really worth a try.
  5. I made Arrow disappear by contacting the BBB and the AG. It took me a little over a month but it was well worth it. I got tired of hearing they had verified to the CRA but refused to do the same for me.
  6. I looked at my credit report today and finally after sending numerous letters only to have them returned. Contacting the BBB and the FTC, WEST ASSET MANAGEMENT IS HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who answered my questions and gave me advice. I have one more company to go after ASSET!@@ Then I can continue to work on adding positive TL. (HaHa I can even speak the credit repair language now!) THANKS < ------ this was my actual reaction to the deletions.
  7. I personally think that you may be in trouble for several different reasons. First, I doubt that your sister is telling you the whole story. Next, when you move in an apartment you should always do a walk through when moving in and notate anything that may be wrong no matter how minor they may be and both you and the landlord should initial so they can not later say they did not know. When you move out it is best to walk through with the landlord again prior to turning in the keys so that you can address any issues and possibly fix anything that is wrong. Then you can have the landlord stating
  8. I am dealing with Asset right now and to be honest sending them a letter probably wont get you anything back either. I am currently working with the attorney general in Michigan to help get them off of my credit report. They actually went in and changed the date on my reports. The AG in their state is Mike Cox.
  9. I have been trying to clean up my credit for a couple of months now using the advice from this site. I started off with 28 baddies on my reports and now I am down to 11. I just got one of the worst off my reports which belonged to ARROW. I am currently working with the AG to remove Asset Acceptance and working with the BBB to remove several listed by West Asset. Thank you so much for all of the advice and reality checks that everyone has offered me on this site. I always thought that if there was something on your report that was negative you either had to pay it off or wait seven years for it
  10. The problem with this is that I do not have an address for West Asset. I have contacted the OC and I have also files a complaint with the BBB on both companies. I have also contacted the insurance company who states that the bills were never submitted.
  11. I called and sent letters asking about verification and they said that the accounts were verified electronically. I also spoke to West Asset Management and I keep getting incorrect addresses from them and the letters are being returned back to me.
  12. I am not having any luck with the CRA. I already sent in copies of the envelopes and they keep telling me that they can not remove them because the items were verified. I also have a letter from Arrow agreeing to remove an item and they have not. I sent in that letter and the items were not removed.
  13. yes the address on my report is invalid
  14. All of those addresses or no longer valid. The address on my report is 1000 N travis, ste f, sherman, tx
  15. Not sure if this will work for you but when I received that letter from Arrow I filed a complaint with the BBB because I never received a bill or letter from Arrow prior to me disputing. It took almost a month but I have received a letter stating that they will remove themselves from my credit report and send verification. I have faxed this letter to the CRA and I am now waiting to see if it will be removed. If not I have proof that they agreed and I should be good to go in court.