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  1. Hello, Need some help with this please. Got a letter from Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis claiming they are collecting on behalf of Crap One. In there letter they sent me they forgot to add the paragraph that "At this time, no attorney with this firm has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account" and has an attorney's name at the end of the letter. Sent them a DV letter requesting that they validate the debt and that if any arbitration clause exists I envoke it.. They responded with a notorized letter from someone in Virginia stating they are familiar with the account. Upon searching the web and other things I see that numerous people are complaining about robo signing from this person. Received a letter today showing that they are suing me in court. Can someone help me with this please.
  2. Here is a letter you can send out to the CA: Your Name 123 Your Street Address Your City, ST 01234 ABC Collections 123 NotOnYourLife Ave Chicago, IL Date: _________ CMRR#____________ Re: Acct # XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX To Whom It May Concern: This letter is being sent to you in response to your attached letter. If you have nothing in writing use the phrase "recent communication, if you have had NO communication other than the entry on your report, use this: "This letter is being sent to you in response to your recent fraudulent verification of an unknown medical account on my (name of CRA) report" This is not a refusal to pay, but a notice that your claim is disputed. Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), I have the right to request validation of the debt you say I owe you. I am requesting proof that I am indeed the party you are asking to pay this debt, and there is some contractual obligation which is binding on me to pay this debt. Please attach copies of: Agreement with your client that grants you the authority to collect on this alleged debt,or proof of acquisition by purchase or assignment. Agreement that bears the signature of the alleged debtor wherein he or she agreed to pay the creditor and as this is a medical account a copy of any HIPAA authorization. Please also be advised that this letter is not only a formal dispute, but a request that you cease and desist any and all collection activities, including reporting of; or verifying of this account on my credit reports. Your receipt of this letter will be considered as having granted consent to the taping of any and all telephone calls to me at my home or business by you or your agents or assigns. I require compliance with the terms and conditions of this letter within 30 days. or a complete withdrawal, in writing, of any claim. In the event of noncompliance, I reserve the right to file charges and/or complaints with appropriate County, State & Federal authorities ,the BBB and State Bar associations for violations of the FDCPA, FCRA, and Federal and State statutes on fraudulent extortion and illegal collection activities on any account that may be time-barred as well as being subject to the HIPAA and (name of your State) medical privacy rules. I also hereby reserve my right to take private civil action against you to recover damages. Sincerely, Your Name(PRINT OR TYPE DO NOT SIGN) Not only does this request validation from the CA it also includes a cease & desist to them too. I have used this on many medical accounts and works well.
  3. Hello, I recently had a capital one account show up on my EQ report. I disputed it and they updated they payment history on it put the payment history makes no sense plus the account is not even mine here is what their reporting as my payment history: Balance: $0 Current Status: Bad debt/collection Past Due Amount: not reported Seven year payment history 30 days - 0 60 days - 0 90 days - 1 (May 2007) Under my recent payment history there reporting: 5/07 CO and then from 06/07 thru 04/09 all on time payments but stating the date of last activity was 10/04. How can the last activity be on 10/04, charged off in 05/07, and then current from 06/07 thru 04/09? Can someone please help me as to my next course of action here. From what i'm thinking I looks like it time to file suit against Cap One and EQ. Should I send the MOV before I do anything with suit too? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hello all I need help with this problem that I am having. I had a problem with EQ where they split my credit report and screwed the whole thing up. When I got them to finally merge everything back together I found that they were two accounts that were reinserted and being deleted back on 6/4/08. EQ sent me a letter on 3/24/09 stating that the two accounts were reinserted on 3/9/09 (which is clearly more than 5 business days when they are supposed to send me the information). On 1 of the account they reinserted they are saying that I was 30 days late in 8/05, 60 days in 09/05, 90 days in 10/05, back to 60 days in 11/05, then 90 days in 12/05, and then CO in 1/06, 2/06, 3/06. EQ also states that the account was closed in 4/06 but are reporting me current from 04/06 thru 02/09. How can I be current from when it was closed in 04/06 thru 02/09 but you still have me as a current status of being CO. One an account is closed why would they still be allowed to report you currently? I appreciate any help with this.
  5. Ok sent dispute to the TU as well. Will let everyone know of the outcome.
  6. Hello all, Quick question here. I got a letter from a collection agency back on 11/5/2008 for a supposed credit card that I never had. Today I received an alert with my credit monitoring service that they reported the collection to TU. Can they report the debt to the CRA's before they give me verification of the debt? I sent the letter out today for verification which is well within the 30 days that they stated on the back of their letter. Thanks for the help.
  7. Their not reporting it to any CRA at the moment but I definitally will look into what you said and let you know what they tell me. Thanks.
  8. Willingtocope the latest statement that I received that says it was printed on 09/29/2008 states specifically "Interest on Judgement Award" and shows an interest amount. While looking over the statements that I received from them here is a list of what they say: 12/25/2004 - Suit Prep. Fee - $300.00 08/25/2005 - Judgement awarded by court - $4,580.23 08/25/2005 thru 10/25/2008 - Interest on judgement award - $45.80 08/25/2005 - Credit report charge $6.00. It's physically impossible for a judgement awarded by the court in 08/2005 since the date on my Summons states that I was served on 11/08/2007. On 02/11/2008 I received a letter from their attorney's and the court stating asking to withdraw the Motion for Summary Judgement and a letter stating to dismiss the above-captioned matter against the defendant (being me) but it states WITHOUT PREJUDICE without costs or fees to any party. What would be my best course of action? File law suit? And what would be nature of the suit? I appreciate all the help being given.
  9. Hello all, Just a quick question here. I have a creditor who tried to sue me and lost since the debt was out of SOL. Now after they lost the case they keep sending me statement stating my previous balance outstanding and showing interest on judgement award which is physically impossible since it was (1) Out of SOL, and (2) dismissed by their appointed law firm. If their any this I can do to stop them from harrassing me by sending junk mail to me. Or show I send them something stating that it seems like their using intimidation by trying to say that I am accurring interest of a judgement award which I know if physically impossible.
  10. dtronx


    Quick question I hope someone could help me with. I have a First Premier account that was charged off and sold to Arrow. Before on my TU report it was showing CO and now they updated to Payment after charge off when I never made a payment to them. For some reason it is also saying collateral: SLD to Arrow Financial? How could there be any collateral if they sold the account.
  11. The only point the gets me mad about it that my score keeps going up and down when there is no need for it. Either fix it cvompletly or leave it alone.
  12. Don't know. I checked CIP this morning had 5 inq on TU. Checked TC after finishing with CIP and now have 4 inq with TU. Guess there playing the puppet game with us.
  13. Tell me about it on the crap one account when I told them to close it they told me they would close it when I have a 0 balance and not before then. It even says so on 2 or 3 of the statements that I have.
  14. Ok thanks for the help.
  15. The reinserted 3 on me. Last two days lost two of em. Today when I checked they reinserted a new one that was there before and taken off. They either need to fix whatever they have to fix or leave em removed cause i'm tired of having my score jump 15 point per inq.
  16. Well don't know if they fixed it or not but originally had 3. Then they reinserted 3 to bring me to a total of 6. Now after checking it seems that I lost 2 to bring me to a total of 4. I hope there not trying to play a game here and remove inq. and the reinsert them to kill people's score. I could smell LAWSUIT!!!!.....lol
  17. Leasecomm sent me a paper for an affidavit of forgery when I told them I never signed a contract with their company. The paper they sent me was a list of question that they wanted me to answer so I guess they could do an investigation. When I filed my answer and I included the affidavit of forgery as requested by them and their attorney's. The plaintiff (Leasecomm) withdrew the Motion for Summary Judgment and also filed a notice of dismissal too.
  18. Well talked to a lawyer and that's why they dismissed the case because it was out of SOL for my state under the UCC. Not to mention when I files my answer I filed my notice of depositon of fraud in which they requested and letter of certification. They said they supposedly did a fraud investigation but have no paperwork to back up that they actually did an investigation. I know this is stupid now but there is no way I can get the dismissal without prejudice change to dismissal with prejudice? They said that everytime they file a dismissal that is the same one they always give to people.
  19. Thanks for the info I see they had to give up like $25 mil in Florida, Texas, & Mass. for their collection practices.
  20. I keep getting letters from Leasecomm for an alleged debt that I owe. When they tried to sue for the equipment that was past the SOL based on the Uniform Commercial Code statue the time limit is four years. The attorney's for Leasecomm sent me the paperwork stating that they dismised the case without prejudice without costs or fees to any party. Today I received a letter in the mail from them stating that the account is seriously past due and to avoid further collection effort and expenses, including legal fee to please remit immediately as states a balance and the states interest on judgment award. How is this possible? What judgment award, the case was dismissed. Why without prejudice I don't know since they can't bring legal action against me again because it is out of SOL. Can I send them a cease and desist letter or because it is a commerical contract and falls under the Uniform Commerical Code it's not applicable. They say they don't have to follow the FDCPA I don't know if that is true or not.
  21. Well I already lost 1 of the 3 they put back on so who knows. And yes Krash I did use photoshop for the sig.
  22. Got this article from May 30, 2008 LA times: More than 160 million Americans would be able to learn their all-important credit scores at no charge -- and with no strings attached -- under a settlement by credit reporting giant TransUnion Corp. of a long-running class-action lawsuit. The agreement would entitle consumers to at least six months of a TransUnion monitoring service, giving them access to the latest information in their credit reports as well as their current scores at any time. The service also would notify consumers by e-mail of significant changes to their files, including reports of late payments or accounts opened in their names. The latter information could help thwart attempted identity theft. TransUnion normally sells the service for $59.75 or more, giving the settlement a value that could top $10 billion. Extracting free services from an industry that many Americans love to hate could give them a measure of satisfaction. On a more practical level, the information could be especially useful for people who are borrowing more because of difficulties caused by the slowing economy or who simply want to find loans or cards with better terms. Ken McEldowney, executive director of Consumer Action, a national advocacy group based in San Francisco, called the settlement mind-boggling. "It's everything we tell consumers that they need to find out if they have problems with their credit," he said. "They are getting information on how to improve it and information about whether they are creditworthy. This is astonishing." A credit report supplied by TransUnion or its rivals, Equifax Inc. and Experian, contains information about your current and recent home and auto loans, credit cards and other credit accounts, including how much is borrowed, your credit limits and whether payments are made on time. A credit score, which is calculated using a formula based on that data, is a three-digit number that can determine what interest rate you pay on a loan or credit card, or whether you even are approved for one. Federal law entitles everyone to a free copy of his or her credit report once a year from each of the three major credit-reporting companies, but it doesn't provide access to credit scores. The case being settled stems from a business operated by TransUnion that sliced and diced data from the Chicago-based company's massive credit files to generate customized lists of consumers. Retailers, lenders and other businesses would buy the lists to use in their marketing. Federal law bars the sale of a person's private credit information except under certain circumstances, such as when he or she has applied for a loan. Although companies can gather and sell public consumer information, such as mortgage lien information that's filed with counties, plaintiffs in dozens of suits argued that TransUnion had overstepped those bounds, violating privacy protections. The plaintiffs alleged that anyone who had a credit file maintained by it had suffered damages, mainly by being inundated with junk mail from marketers who bought data about them. The suits were combined into one class action in federal court in Chicago. TransUnion and the plaintiffs in that case agreed to a preliminary settlement Wednesday. It requires final court approval, which is expected in September. Based on the number of people in the class, the settlement would be the largest in U.S. history, said Peter A. Chapman, editor of the Class Action Reporter. "This was a long, hard fight and an excellent result," said John Zarian, a Boise, Idaho, attorney whose clients -- some of the original plaintiffs in the case -- filed suit 10 years ago. TransUnion, which discontinued the list-marketing business in 2001, has said it didn't violate the law. "TransUnion is committed to providing consumers with tools and services that empower them to manage their own credit health," said Colleen Ryan, a spokeswoman for TransUnion. "The services offered through this settlement complement our many consumer-empowering initiatives." Under the settlement, anyone who had any type of loan account between January 1987 and Wednesday would be able to select one of two options: * A basic service would provide free credit monitoring for six months. It normally retails for $59.75, according to the settlement. Those who select this service can also apply for a cash payment. * An enhanced service would provide nine months of free monitoring, plus use of a "mortgage simulator" that lets consumers see whether improving their credit score would affect their mortgage rates and how much they could save if it did. This option also includes access to one's insurance score, which is used by some insurers to set rates (though California bars their use). The settlement values this option at $115.50. Under the settlement, a credit card number would not be required to sign up for either service. After the free service ends, TransUnion could not charge for an extension unless it was requested by the consumer. The agreement also creates a $75-million fund that would be used to notify class members about their rights, to pay attorneys and pay any damages agreed to for people who opt out of the class and sue TransUnion on their own. If there is money left in the fund after two years, it would be paid to people who applied for the cash. Consumers who received the enhanced service don't have the right to apply for the money. Claims can be filed starting June 16 by going to the settlement website at www.listclassaction.com or calling (866) 416-3470. Register for Benefits To receive benefits from this settlement, you must register by September 24, 2008. You may register for the following benefit options: 1. Sign up for six months of credit monitoring services. If you select this option, you can also register to possibly receive cash benefits in the event of a cash distribution or file an individual lawsuit against the Defendants. 2. Sign up for nine months of enhanced credit monitoring services. If you select this option, you will not receive any further benefits, including a cash payment, and you will not be able to file an individual lawsuit against the Defendants. 3. Register to possibly receive a cash payment. If you select this option, you can also sign up for six months of credit monitoring; however if you receive a cash payment, you cannot file an individual lawsuit against the Defendants. You may only register once. Individuals with multiple submissions will only be eligible for the benefit chosen in the first registration. If you have registered to receive credit monitoring, you will have six months after the Court grants final approval of the settlement and all appeals are resolved to activate your credit monitoring benefit. If you register for one or more of the benefits provided by this settlement, you will be notified about how to obtain these benefits after the Court grants final approval to the settlement and all appeals are resolved. If cash benefits become available they will not be distributed until at least two years after the Court grants final approval. Here is also the link for the Preliminary Approval Order: https://www.listclassaction.com/content/Preliminary_Approval_Order.pdf Let's get as may people to sign up as possible and get them back for all the BS they try and play with us!!!!
  23. This is the problem that I am having. It is only show up on my TU report. Igot it removed from the other two EQ and EX. Tu is not showing any payment history and I have old statement from 2003 that shows it was overdue and no available credit but I think it was before that. Not to mention that they let it go for about 2 years before they finally decided to charge it off. How nice a $900 CL to over $1600.
  24. yeah just a little bit krash thanks....LOL
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