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  1. @firsthardcheese I didn't want to continue Hijacking Dosoco's post..... can you tell me if the six year SOL changes if it is Chase/Midland. I pulled a CC agreement from Chase posted online from that time and it has the choice of law listed in DE. Can I use that 3 year SOL as a defense, or does it change because Chase's current agreement cites NY state as its choice of law state. Also does the fact that it's been sold to Midland change the option of using Choice of law as a defense ? Thanks !! SC
  2. OK Now I am EVEN MORE Confused- Please tell me which of these SOL will govern the above referenced chase/midland debt- Years State Type 4 GA Open 6 GA Written 3 AL Open 6 AL Written 4 DE Open 3 DE Written 4 CA Open 4 CA Written I've heard it all different ways included cases cited, where one was chosen over the other and vice versa. There seems to be no clear answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated......
  3. @clydesmom I got the information from the Statue of Limitations link right here on the CIC website- Please see attached. SC GA SOL.docx
  4. Doing some research of my own on Midland and have come across a couple for GA judgements even for CC debt that is listing the SOL at 6 years. Is it me or am I missing something.... I thought the SOL for CC in GA was 4 years. Help ? SC
  5. *Correction - Doesn't believe the account is his, name is similar but not the same. However since he has had company cards ion the past that he was co signed to, it's a possibility.
  6. Follow up - I disputed with TU as paid in full, citing that they didn't provide me proof of any debt owed to them. Other than the original signed contract, which also had a zero balance. TL was removed from my report with in 2 days!! WOO HOO Thanks All !! :punknanner: SC
  7. I am helping a friend with some credit repair and have come across this issue- Has a Chase card TL that is listed as a close version to his name but not exact, and not a version that is listed as known on his CR This account is being listed as defaulted on, and has DOFD listed on CR as 11/2011 In May of 2012 it was sold to Midland. My friend was in Georgia when the account is listed as originated, but has spent the better part of the last three years in Alabama. Midland never sent any letters or engaged in any collection activity until January of this year (2015) when they assigned the
  8. Yes, but it has been there a while. I don't ever remember seeing a dunning letter for it. I know they have my phone # and contacted me when I had lost my debit card and the # changed because it threw a flag for the automatic payments. They also called me when I made what I thought was my final payment, and have not contacted me since. I have a payment on my bank statement to them ( which I believe is the final) that is within $ 10 of what is being listed on my TU CR. Do I dispute it as incorrect? or as paid ? I could easily send my statement page showing that last payment, but I do
  9. I DV'd the assignee (National Fitness) for my gym Just Fitness 4U for a $100 charge on my TU CR. I also disputed it with TU as not mine. They responded with the signed copy of the original contract, proving account is mine but did not send an itemized listing of the debt. On the contract, I had paid my initial fees and so it shows an $0 amount due. I had this account for a couple of years and I believe I paid this in full a couple of years ago when it ended. I had it taken out by automatic deduction so I never received statements. So, without them sending an itemized list of charges,
  10. Not so much a clunker. it drives well and dispite being a 2005 it only has about 65k miles on it. I understand because the car is in total only worth about $3500 that the dvalue check would be low, I just thought it would be more than $30. SC
  11. Hello, I recently had my first accident after 20+years of driving - Totally my fault. I took my car in to get an insurance estimate which came out to close to $2400 (my car is only worth about $3500 before accident) they took out my $500 deductible and a $1900 check was sent to me in the mail. I also received a check for around $25 for diminished value So Here's my questions - I am sure the diminished value for my car is more than $25. How would I fight that with the insurance company ? and since the damages are already close to the 80% ($3500*80% =$2800) the point where most cars a
  12. Update- When I received the current year's tax assessment (which they had to send a duplicate to the current address for me to receive) it had the current address on it, dated 6/30/15. However looking at the paperwork, the lien (filed in Jan 2015) and the lien release and the lien payment receipt ( both dated July 2015) all still show the old address. I have several questions- a) do liens require acceptance to be enforceable and how do I prove that it was not accepted, or c) accepted by someone who was not him at an address that he hasn't lived at for over a year?? if so, can any of
  13. HELP!! - I am responsible for the personal bills for the owner of the company I work for. He has moved several times and continues to buy/sell/upgrade all of his toys- Trucks/Boats etc. I received a letter from the county assessors listing the 7 boats for the 2014 tax year asking if any had sold. He had sold all but two which I had marked on the sheet and returned to the county( by regular mail, unfortunately) asking to be billed just for what was owned. I never received an original bill- it was either sent to his old address, or it was mailed to the office & lost. Our office sh