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  1. Noooo! I really and truly do appreciate ur response Sandy...It's just that it seemed as if everyone else was ganging in on me and you was more understanding. Thanks alot;)
  2. :DWas the replies harsh to me? NO! Do i agree w/ you? Of course, but only to a certain extent... If you all read my post correctly you'd see I said: I WILL BE PAYING "ALL" OF MY DEBTS OFF NEXT WEEK! ONCE AGAIN THANKS FOR ALL OF THE COMMENTS
  3. My credit isn't in the best of shape. I have 4 cc's totaling $4000.00(MAXED-OUT!) and I have collections/charge-offs totaling $2000.00:cool:. Next week I wil be paying all (CC's, COL/CO and late mort. payments)of my debts off ($8000.00). I already have a car loan owing $12000 and a mortgage I'm 2000.00 behind on. I will be trading my car in. I'm not going to close all of my cc accts, just pay them down to a $0 balance. Even though I'm interested in closing 2 cc's (opened 07/07). When should I apply for the auto loan? Would it be a good idea to close 2 of my cc accts? Guys I am soooo frustrated and confused:cry:! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks In Advance...
  4. My plans are/were to pay all of my cc(5 cc's) balances ($3,150 bal.)down. I pulled my equifax credit report and it shows I have $2100.00 in collections and charge-offs:(. I guess my question is...Which direction should I go? Which one should I pay off first? Oh yea, I did dispute the charge-offs and collections with equifax online. I can't afford to pay both. Will someone pleeease respond! What would you do? Thanks In Advance!
  5. About how long will it take for my credit score to go up and about how many points will it go up if I've paid down all cc's($totaling $4000) to $0 bal., got all past due accts. up to date, and not apply for any credit for 6 months? Is this enough info?
  6. What should I do? I own a condo and I'm bout to put it up for sale, even though they're not selling at all. My credit is shot and I can't afford two mortgages so I am stuck. Any advice?
  7. I tried to get a loan through my CU, I was denied:(
  8. Hi Scott... My income is kind is around $500 per month AFTER I pay all of my bills(mort.,utilities, kids things,etc.) :cry: I've been trying to find me a PT job, but no have called me. But I'm just doing whatever I can, with what I have.
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm here trying to get some information and advice on how to get my credit on track. Ok here we go... CREDIT CARDS: Hooters $500CL-$400 bal Orchard Bank $500CL-MO HSBC$1250 CL-MO Cap.1 $500CL-$470 bal Aspire $700CL- $620CL OTHER ACCTS Dell $1500CL 60days past due Crown Jewelers $160 bal due / 30 days late Bank of America $107 OVERDRAWN Wamu $190 OVERDRAWN Carloan NO LATES Mortgage NO LATES I am VERY embarrassed about this, but I really do need your help:-( I'm looking forward to buying another home in about 2 years, but My credit SUCKS. I started going downhill about 6 months ago after me and my SO went our seperate ways. Now I'm wondering if I need to file bankruptcy or what? Someone please help me. Thanks In Advance.
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