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  1. I am working on a few goodwill letters. I am just asking if anybody knows a person at Bank of America and Citicorp to send it to. Thanks to CIC I know how to search for big wigs to send letters to but I just want to know if anybody has a name or email address for me. Thanks!
  2. Is there a letter out here to follow up on a response from the credit bureau verifying some disputed accounts? The initial dispute letter included a method of verification request. These idiots take 40 something days and send me back a method of investigation. So my next move is to send them a response letting them know that I did not ask for a method of investigation and I need them to give me details on the accounts they verified. I would like to include some names of some big wigs at the bottom of the letter. Any suggestions on whose names I should include? Attorney General and / or somebody from the FTC maybe?
  3. It was good that he did'nt fall under the credit card pressure, but I was in his ear the whole four years. What about Orchard or First Premier? Are they still around?
  4. A 22 year old college grad. No credit. Keeps getting denied because of lack of history. Which bank or card should he go for that will give him a good start?
  5. I am sure it is the OC. The caller ID says jpmorgan chase and the others present themselves as the OC. Besides the accounts in question are not that delinquent some just a few days. I mean it's ridiculous. Chase will call every hour. I am in PA.
  6. The annoying phone calls that come from Chase, HSBC or whomever every hour on the hour when you are one day late are about to drive me crazy. So, will a cease and desist letter to the OC work?
  7. So it must be pretty easy to get a Data Furnishers Agreement with the CRA. Don't they check out how legit the businesses are, or I guess they can't or too lazy. Now how long do you think it will be before this hustle is over?
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  9. I desperately need a personal customer service contact at the following credit card companies: WaMU, BoA, Citicorp, and Chase. I want to ask them to lower my minimum payments for about six months. I don't want to talk to a regular CSR. I need someone to listen to me and have the ability to do something.
  10. Does anyone have any contact info for any helpful customer services heads at.....Indy Mac, Chase, or Saxon? I want to discuss options on paying this months payments.
  11. Does anyone know the person I need to email at Equifax? Here's the problem: I was trying to boost my uncle's score so I sent some dispute letters out. Things came off but now there is no Beacon score (equifax) showing. That is usually his highest score and I need that to use to boost his mid score. I pulled up but I want to know if anyone recognizes a name of anyone that could help me out.
  12. Sent an initial dispute letter to Transunion. Couple of things came off but a couple of things stayed on "verified'. So I sent another dispute to get some other items off and at the same time I included a paragraph about the verified items. I requested a method of verification and I quoted the necessary FCRA regs. asking for detailed results. They sent me the regular "frivolous" letter with addresses I could have gotten from the last page of the report anyway. Like they did some real investigating. Whats next on the agenda?
  13. This will help. Thank you sincerely and I have marked that site.
  14. Anybody got any contacts at Sovereign bank? Can some give me a copy of a goodwill letter to remove a late mortgage payment. I will be sure to doctor up the letter to ensure originality. Please help me.