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  1. Anyone have a number to actually talk to someone at Experian? I need to do an MOV and cant get past their damn automated system.
  2. In my experience, they have completely fallen off, as they are not on my hard credit file that I have requested int he mail. So I must say that it does in fact help remove them from the report.
  3. Does this B* inquiries and do you have to be a Chase card holder in order to get that service?
  4. Is it possible to get more than one Cap One card or do they limit you to one?
  5. What other online services are people using besides TC?
  6. Well I would have to disagree. I have been using TC to do it for about 6 months or so and it has worked perfectly. Granted it only works for TU, but I assure you, that it does indeed work if you are persistent enough.
  7. I have been using Truecredit, but they said they needed to mail me something to verify me or something. I would rather just switch to something else. Any ideas?
  8. Anybody have multiple Cap One cards and if anyone knows what the easiest of the Amex cards are so I can get my foot in the door would be appreciated. Its a little bit difficult deciding since they have a million on their site.
  9. I think you might as well go for it. And then when everything is fixed, you could refinance again through another company and probably get an even lower rate. Just make sure they dont have a pre-payment penalty and they dont have any kind of weird outrageous doc fees or anything.
  10. Im having issues getting on to Truecredit. Anyone one else getting a 500 servlet error?
  11. So the original creditor is allowed to have the description as a collection account, but the JDB is not? Or it is at least not allowed to list it as an installment loan correct?
  12. Well I have quite a few with the dates because of the CR's that I get back after disputing so I will give that a shot and see what happens. Ill repost a follow up if they refuse to remove them or change them, which I have no doubt will happen. Thanks!
  13. It shows in the "installment accounts" section. It is not in the collection section. I also have 2 others that are reporting in the same accounts section that are collection accounts. But under the description they have it listed as collection. I have 2 with arrow and 1 with afni that are under installments. I have disputed them as not mine and a couple other times with other info and they come back verified.