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  1. I received this today: http://ww3.ics.adp.com/reorgstrt/0907/e35836/367626108/c/index.html?id=&expire=1 So if i don't do it, does anyone know what happens to my shares? The email also included an "accept/do not accept" area. Thanks Liz
  2. Do all collection agancies have a bonding company and what do they do?
  3. Congrats! So just to understand, they sent you back the paperwork you sent them, signed, and wrote a note of the bottom of the letter verifying? Did they send you anything on their letterhead, or is that even necessary? Is there a particular person you need a signature from, or can anyone from the company sign your paperwork?
  4. I have a CU and decided to try a bank again (does that make me dumb)? What drew me to the bank is the NO ATM FEE!!! and it's for real. I can go to any bank and any ATM and if there is a fee I accept it and they will reverse it AND it doesn't expire after a certain amount of time. There are also no fees for the checking account. I am so confused. I kept asking the lady, "what is the catch". She told me that they are just trying to draw in business and that there is no catch. This sounds too good to be true, but I did it anyway. Did I make a mistake. I still have my CU just in case. Thanks for the info.
  5. Hi all. So Whole Foods aquired Wild Oats, after a long struggle. The "buying" of the shares, from what I understand, is currently taking place - 18.50 a share. I have several Wild Oats shares through Sharebuilders but my Sharebuilders account says $0 now (it use to say $1,000 +) not showing any shares. I called Sharebuilders and they told me they will update it once they get the info and the transaction is complete. Needless to say, not having my money showing is bothering me - it's like it's not there at all. Today, I noticed that the Wild Oats symbol is not on my Google Ticker anymore. Please, someone, put me at ease, for I am a rookie at this as well.
  6. Wouldn't the next step be DV or did you do this already? Let us know how that goes, if not.
  7. Just read the sticky's - then read any posted/threads that look like good info for you.
  8. What is the standard amount per dollar to pay?I read that CA only pay about 7 cents on a dollar - I am not sure if that is true. Would offerring a settlement of 25 cents on a dollars be acceptable? Any links would be great. Thanks!
  9. Did you use the legal jargon in the letters after personalizing them?
  10. That is so great! I am hopeful - you great people give me hope
  11. AFNI Inc John O'Donnell is the Vice President of Credit and Collection Services 404 Brock Dr Bloomington IL 61701-2654
  12. Arrow Financial Services LLC 5996 W. Touhy Avenue Niles, IL 60714 Phone: 847-410-3215 Fax: 847-647-9515 Contact: Barry Feierstein VP Marketing & Business Development E-Mail: bfeierstein@arrow-financial.com Jack Lavin is the President and CEO
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