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  1. I appreciate your concern, and I understand what you're getting at. It is something I have thought over. My credit blemishes are from over 6 years ago, stemming from my sudden disability caused by military service. I'm in a much better position now than I was 6 years ago. I mean, I could just pay the whole amount cash, but I wanted to keep money in reserve. I had planned to take out a loan and pay it off in just under a year so that I could build my credit some more.
  2. If it was $11k, I'd pay cash. But the car is not 11k; I am going to put $11k as a downpayment, and am trying to finance $22k.
  3. I've got two chargeoffs from crap1 and a collection, and my FICO is 640; I applied for a joint auto loan with my SO, who has excellent credit (770's) along with another relative who has great credit (high 700's), at Wells Fargo Financial. I was denied; they said that even though my two co-applicants had excellent histories, and either of them would be approved on their own, my collections made me a liability they didn't want to take. The loan amount is for $21,000, and I put $11,000 down. My past poor credit choices are coming back to haunt me; both chargeoff are about to fall off in a year. Any recommendations for a subprime lender where I may have a good chance of being approved?
  4. Damn, I just checked the DV response. The letter is dated August 14th, and there's not post mark on the envelope. I received a MyFico alert on August 15th, alerting me to the "new account". Don't I have a period of time after I receive a DV response to investigate their claim, and all collection activity must cease? Reporting to Equifax is a collection activity, no?
  5. Ok, here's an update: I just received a letter from Afni today with the DV. They were able to validate. But WTF, they reported to Equifax before sending me the notification? I wonder if I can still work directly with the OC and pay them, and get Afni to remove the line?
  6. Damn, I did not send my DV letter CMRRR, I only used the regular Certified Mail. Is that okay, or not as good? Is there a sample ITS letter?
  7. Hey everyone. So, I'm in California, and I received a collection letter from a CA in July. I responded within my 30 days with a validation request and sent it certified; less than 2 weeks after sending my validation request, the bastages reported the collection account on my Equifax report. So my question is, what now?
  8. About three months ago, I requested a CLI with HSBC for my Best Buy MC. Got approved and went from 1000 to 1800. A few months ago, I had been denied a CLI from WF. But now, three months after my HSBC CLI, they automatically bumped by CL from a measly 600 to 1700. It was a nice surprise when I checked my statement online. Think it's in relation to the CLI from HSBC?
  9. My gf wants to combine the two Citi cards she has. One of them is her oldest card, which is about 8 years old and only has a $1300 CL. The second one is only 4 years old, but has the highest CL at $11k. The older card, she hardly uses, since the CL is lower. The second card, while younger, has a much more consistent history or usage and payment. What's the best way for her to combine these cards with minimal impact on her FICO score? What does the hivemind think?
  10. Really? I thought Northland was an authorized collector for CapOne?
  11. All right, so it looks like they've written back. Original amount owed was $2900, and they initially offered a $1700 settlement. I offered $800, and they wrote back and offered $1100. Should I take this, or try again? I want to get this crap over with, but really cannot part with $1100 right now.
  12. Good to know. They're probably going to call again on Monday. Pick it up and talk? Or let them write back? I'm kind of fearful that if I ignore the calls, they're going to be less willing to budge. The guy on my voicemail sounds pretty insistent that I call him back.
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