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  1. I got a atty to go after them we have a lot of prove CMRR and a letter from my atty. They continue to report, I just got a letter from them wanting to remove the post on my credit file and apology. To late now, they broke so many parts of the law. We are to Federal Court, jajajaja a 20$ scam they tried on me is going to cost them a lot plus atty fees, jajajajajajaja. Take them to court!
  2. Well all I am saying is that I am taking AAGON to court in ST Clair IL. More to be said later. I ll keep all up to date, OK.
  3. S.A. I think you should give it to them. Up the sssssssss. Some of this people on this site are JDB who like to watch what we do. They hate it when one of them go down. LOL
  4. A lot of info and great info to take on those DC who think the world is theirs.
  5. I just found out that this agency was going after a deficiency amount on the foreclosure and according to a attorney the state where the foreclosure happened at does not allow deficiency judgments. So we are filling a suit. wow! I will update later
  6. The bldg was in MO, was a rental bldg not primary and it was a two appt bldg i was living in one and renting the other. No it was not Associates.
  7. I have a collection agency coming after me for foreclosed property back in 2000 past SOL. I also found a 1099 in my old files which reflects the amount I supposedly gain as the result of the nonjudicial sale which I reported as a income, now what. What is next in my defense and to protect my self from them.? I have DV them and they brought up the note and the transfer of ownership of the note. On the letter to me they also said the " they make no representation of law with regard to the SOL. WHAT? Are they on drugs? Someone please clear my head and give me some wisdom. Thanks!
  8. She is one of the best on the consumer side. She is on it.
  9. Yes they claim I owe some money to them. They cannot give a detail info how the come up with that balance due. Yes, the billing has my kids and spouse name and treatment given to them. Do they have to give me a detail info on the balance due? Thanks in advance.
  10. How can I find out what information can a doctor give a DC about myself and family? Can someone please assist me. Doctor gave all my family names to include my kids names and SSN to the DC. The information was given to me by the DC as part of the validation process.
  11. Before you spend money on court cost take it to the Attorney General. Works for me. We have a great atty gen in IL. A letter stating that the debt is from 1987 is a big no no.
  12. I had an attorney go after me for a NAF judgement. The AG from IL was notified. Now she (AG) took it to the IL Supreme Ct. The AG is seeking action against the Atty. How can I take a shot at this atty myself? Advice please