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  1. Hello, I recieved a letter from a ca the first of the month saying that I had 30 days to send them a letter requestion validation, etc, etc, so I did that. Their letter is dated 8-29 and I recieved it 9-1, as we are still in the 30 day window, although I sent them a letter first class, with return receipt they still reported me to the credit bureaus. Please someone tell me that this is wrong so I can open a can of whip a$$ on them!!!!!! Thanks in advance for everyones input!
  2. hey fairy, how did you get arrow off of your report, arrow and first premier are still on mine!!!
  3. I have two medical bills that were in collections with the same ca, I dv them late last year and they sent validation. I have since paid them off with the oc without making a deal with them to see if they could take it back from the ca. Anyway, shoudl I dv the ca again or send them a gw letter to have them removed from my cr??
  4. if you put a fa on your cr, how long can you leave it on there? are you able to pull it off @ any time? more info please on how it works,,,maybe i can get some of my inq's off.
  5. yes, they sold it to collect america. thanks for the feedback, I was hoping to get a pfd on this account.
  6. Hello everyone, I am trying to deal with collect america for a $597 old account. It is still within my states sol. I have heard very bad things about them but was wandering if anyone has had any luck with pfd. I have the money and want them to go away. Thanks in advance. ps. CACH actually has the account, they are owned by collect america.
  7. Hello, I recently viewed my cr and found that 2 cra's list a balance of $600 while the other cra list it as $606. A ca is reporting this account. Do I dispute on the basis of wrong amount?? All input is greatly appreciated. Tim
  8. congratulations!!!! My mom co-signed for me a year and a half ago for a new ford expedition, I paid on it for a little over a year, I traded it in on another new one in my name only, and I bought another used ford truck in my name. Don't be late and you will reap the benefits. My scores were in the low 500's then. Its a start and hyundai's are great cars with a great warranty!!
  9. Thought everyone might like to read this. I saw it today on Hope is will be useful to all members.
  10. thanks for the reply wllingtocope, thats exactly what I had in mind but wanted to know if it would be possible,,,i guess I need to contact the oc. I have to money to do it now so here it goes!
  11. I have 3 bills that are with a ca now. I was wondering if I contact the oc and pay them off with them will the account with the ca still be on my cr?
  12. I have gotten both loans through ford credit with these scores, I work at a ford dealership and have an inside track to ford credit. Would another loan be beneficial or another cc?
  13. I have found this site absolutely lifesaving!!! I have a quick question. I have 2 auto loans with Ford credit, 1 credit card, 1 student loan, 1 personal loan. No lates in the past year, 2 charge offs i'm still fighting and 3-4 collections I am also trying to delete,,,anyway do I have enough cc's to help me raise my credit score? I am thinking about getting my daughter a car which would be about $7k. or should I leave not get anymore loans. ex-547 tu-584 eq-467