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  1. After all I have seen and read over the past two years, I am totally convinced walking away is my most viable option. Ive been reading about this mess for a couple years and now that hopefully everyone is hopefully "getting it" I am in a great position to defeat the giant as far as I am concerned. Why? 1-MERS is all over my mortgage as nominee 2- mortgage is securitized (ginnie mae) 3- no assignments made since original lender/servicer (confusing on paperwork) has gone out of business 4-second servicer stated in a response to a RESPA qualified letter that they were the holder of the note! Since 2008, they have even gone out of business. 5-Current servicer refuses to do MOD after several attempts and at this point I dont believe MODS are the way to go. Although I am in a primarily non-judicial state, I will answer the complaint with so many affirmative defenses they wont know what hit them. My only lingering question is: what happens after they dont get the foreclosure? Is the mortgage cancelled or do you get the MOD?
  2. Is it possible to countersue if they dont put the miranda rights on their initial communication, even though they sent a DV? Just wondering where I stand with this mechanism that is now in place. Thanks
  3. I was sent a dunning letter by an agency. The only statement it had on it was this is an attempt to collect a debt from a debt collector--thats it. I responded with a DV request even though it hasnt appeared on my credit report yet. Would it have been best to ignore them since they didnt have the mini miranda. Even though I knew my rights and requested the DV, if they sue or put it on my report, can I countersue them for not having my rights on the several letters they have sent?
  4. msekinah

    Regions Bank

    It sure is sad that they made a "mistake" like that. That was scary. He finally went to the local branch and he said his loan was entered in the system as interest only, but he thought all this time he had a fixed rate. Well, he says its not going to cost him anything to redo the loan--I dont know. He was prepared to pull out of his mutual fund, but I am glad he didnt have to do that. Then I thought, what about the people who arent prepared? PS I love Leo Buscaglia--Before posting here, I just asked a coworker this morning if he had ever heard of him. His books really got me through a tough period of my life.
  5. msekinah

    Regions Bank

    Has anyone else received a final payment demand letter from Regions Bank on their mortgage? My friend read his to me tonite stating that his final payment of 27,000 is due by August 2, 2008 on his fixed rated 15 yr mortgage he received in 2004. WTF? He's not behind at all on his payments, this just came out of nowhere. He's also got an excellent credit score (high 700;s) so he isnt subprime. I told him to get out his original paperwork from the loan. Cant wait to hear what the loan officer says tomorrow. . Thanks
  6. It was charged-off as of "Dec. 2004 to April 2007". That notation is killing your MyFico scores if it is reported on Equifax. They rate those chargeoff dates as late payments. Supposedly, the late payment notations arent rated on the Experian and Transunion Myfico reports, just Equifax. If you havent already done it, get the free scorewatch trial so you can see how MyFico and Equifax conspire to kill your scores.
  7. Since they were reporting your account in error, you could have put them "under the barrel" and kept that money in your pocket by either sending another dispute to the CRA to show the error in reporting or sending an ITS if they didnt delete or just taken it to court to have the judge decide in your favor if the CRA's came back as the erroneous amount reported as "verified"
  8. No it is not reporting correctly. I got a copy of the CDIA manual and it is technically an installment loan, but it is to be reported with a M code vs the I code. There's a special section devoted to how mortgages are to be reported.
  9. You are so lucky he has good credit though. The nightmare would have been if your score would have plummeted. Your responses will be interesting.
  10. Just thought about something--when I started this journey about 8 months ago, the only report that allowed me to get the cards I have now was TU. I'm just getting ready to apply for a mortgage loan, so now it looks like TU will be my lowest score. It was my middle score. With that said, I want them back off and of course I will try in earnest. I'm not angry, I just need what I need.
  11. It is never advisable to give them your credit card number or checking account number for any reason. Always send a money order. Are they deleting the tradeline for the settlement? Since you may go to court, ask for a deletion of the tradeline as a settlement term. Keep it up!!!
  12. The reports that MyFico assembles from the credit information is not always the same as what the bureaus report. I have found this to be so true. ' For instance if you have chargeoffs they report them as late payments for every month it is charged off. This practice alone really affects your scores bigtime. Another thing with me is that MYFico is reporting my mortgage account as an installment account. This is not good for my ratios. You really need to look at your Myfico score factors. I cannot stress that enough.
  13. I was on the board avot 0330 this morning. I saw a link to a site that talked about JDB's and chain of title, bill of sale, etc...but for the life of me, I cannot locate it again. I believe it was also in reference to Portfolio Recovery. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I'd question that one. I've received lots of notices from them in a white envelope that is very discreet. Although I do question all the notices they send for payment. The amounts are smal land I thought I had paid them all off. I think they are trying to get too many nickles and dimes out of me.