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  1. I was actually thinking about just waiting out too! But if I were to dispute the amount owed, would I go back to CRA or directly to midland with dispute? Can a collection agency collect on any fees and/or interest over and above the initial charged off amount?
  2. Hello I sent a letter to Equifax stating that an item (Midland) posting to my report was not mine. I took this from their report dated 10/23/14. Today, I get a letter from Equifax stating the following: "We verified that this item belongs to you. Historical account information was deleted from this account. If you have additional questions about this item please contact : Midland Credit MGMT" If they verified it, how do they not know the historical information? Also, on the Equifax report of 10/23/14 Midland says the DOFD is 10/08/08........yet after more digging I figured out by going thru some old files that this is actually an old HSBC account which is also listed on the Equifax report 10/13/14 with a different amount than Midland. However, the HSBC Account History with Status codes line reads: 3/2009 -4 2/2009 -4 1/2009 -3 12/2008 - 2 11/2008 - 1 9/2008 - 2 8/2008 - 1 HSBC Charge off $768 Midland Balance $1364 Therefore, shouldnt the DOFD be 8/2008 and not 10/2008? Should I go back to the CRA or should I go to Midland? or is this accurate? I'm Confused, please clarify......Thanks
  3. Hi everyone Here's my story...... OC: Ford Motor Credit CA: Calvary Attorney for Calvary: Joseph Titlebaum Original Amount: 1,113.00 Collection amount: 1300.00 DOFD: 11/04 Dv'd the attorney and he responded within 4 days with copies of contract, repo documents and amount of $1,113.00 which is the amount reported on CRA.......Now Calvary/atty saying the amount is 1300.00.......This is my debt and I know I have to pay it but want to try and settle for less if i can, because i know they didn't lose a dime when they repo'd it.....the car was only 5 months old!!!....should i bother questioning the increase or just try and negotiate .............. TIA
  4. You must be psyched! Have you been before? I love Italy........I have family there, most still live in small towns. Unfortunately, I don't get to visit to often....=( I'll be thinking of you while I'm strolling down the North End of Boston (little Italy) for the feasts!!! I've never done the cruise but I'm sure it's beautiful too! Viaggio di bon!!!!! Piacere!!!
  5. Thanks Everyone!! Touching base with him Tomorrow!
  6. I really have no defense.....other than I was willing to settle this with the Debt validation letter which they never responded to but it was out of the 30 day window so they didn't have too.but they totally ignored me....they didn't even send out an additional letter telling me that they were tacking on more funds.......and shouldn't this Kream and Kream Firm contacted me first instead of just filing.............If they had contacted me the balance at that time would have been 528.00 not 1063.00...........hmmmmmmm.......I try contacting the attorney.........
  7. Hi everyone I've been away for months lots going on in my neck of the woods.......and nautrally 10 lbs has crept back on!!!! I see all of you are still plugging away Good for you!!!! JSnow did you reach goal??? Europe!! how exciting....where? Italy I hope is on that journey! chase how was the wedding?????? Congratulations! I think i left when we were talking about using stevia.......i still gotta look into that!!!! isisic keep it up the ticker is looking good Ceowens I have 30 for the gym and 44 for Curves and all i've done is gain!!!!!! Well I'm back for a while.....need this board to help lose these nasty 20 lbs....oh yea, and continue on with my credit repair! LOL any quick solutions to jumpstart my weight loss....i need something new.........i get discouraged too easily......... I'll be checking in.......... have a great day!
  8. Hi everyone haven't posted in a while but now I've just received a notice from the district court to's the scoop...any input would be greatly appreciated! defaulted on a HSBC credit card DOFD 2/05 $598.00 Posted on Equifax and Experian SEnt to Pallisades Collection Agency DOLA 3/05 $786.00 posting on Equifax and Experian Sent a Debt validation letter to pallisades on 9/18/07 they signed for 10/12/07.....never heard from them,so i let the sleeping dog sleep........... today i receive in the mail a notice to appear in court from I beleive a law firm indicating that i now owe $1,23.00 + $40.00 court costs................... I have never heard or received anything from this is also noted that they brought this case to small claims on 2/29/08 balance due for outstanding HSBC credit CArd debt......last 4 of my social and the original account number........................... I know i have to appear but is there anything I can do in the meantime? I know the debt is mine and I am willing to pay it...........but can i at least get some of extra charges dropped back down.......I;m not sure how to approach this....... ANy help is greatly appreciated.... Thanks Lavs
  9. Happy Birthday, MasterP........:MoreBeer:::celebrate::
  10. Ceo...try the uncarbonated flavored water.....Aquafina and Nestles comes in all flvors, berries, grape, orange, lemon, lime's flat water sweetened I believe with Splenda...for those of you who like carbonation those work too! I've used it with flavored rums and vodka...and lots of ice.....great alternative......It's nothing like soda water or tonic water those are gross! I agree with Musey keep picturing yourself in that bikini on the Beach!! I am going to Puerto Rico in April and man, I better get my A$$ in gear or it is going to be really ugly seeing a bar room white northern girl wearing a MooMoo on the beach! But then again Fat looks better tanned...LOL J, WOW those little shake ups a couple of weeks ago really paid off!!!!! Have you been lowering the Sodium and increasing the fiber? I haven't weighed in for 2 weeks....getting new scale(s) today!!! Tomorrow is a big day for me!!!
  11. Who...... He'll get over it! ....20 years into my marriage I may have Pussy footed around, now 30+ years, I'd confront both of them at the same time with a "Yo, let's get something straight!" If he chooses to stay pissed off, then tell he can kiss your A$$ and then go about your day! He'll be back.....and make up Sex is always great.........He'll run out of underwear soon enough!! Marriage is like a diet, gotta shake things up a bit every now and then!! lol Not to change the subject, but what color you painting the cabinets? I have cabinets that need painting and I don't want them white.......I've been looking all week for color ideas.....can't find any!..
  12. If my memory serves me right, I think this is the first election that I am totally stumped on who to vote for........ I guess I don't have to really decide until Super Tuesday but are there others out here that are just as undecided as me?