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  1. OK, I am completely lost on where to start. My friend bought a car and stupidly only got a bill of sale and not a signed over title. This happened in California. She, while under the initial temporary registration, drove the car to Washington when she moved and attempted to get it registered and titled in Washington and, of course, couldn't. She eventually found out that the person on the bill of sale is not the titled owner (I guess they only had a bill of sale also). So now! She got a different car and decided it isn't worth the hassle. Me, recently being without a car would be willing
  2. fence shocks are crazy... growing up on a farm, was a crazy thing.
  3. Which carrier. I'm familiar with the products of three, so hope this helps. T-Mobile: Blackberry Pearl - for the price, amazing handheld. Good quality. Sidekick LX - for the price, get a Blackberry 8800 instead. Blackberry 8800 - No camera but has longer standby/talk time then any of the blackberry phones in the T-Mobile line. BB Curve - With T-Mobile, this is one of their hotspot @home phones which is nice cause you get unlimited calls from your wireless router (make sure you have cable or fast dsl, will not work well with clearwire and anything not ultra reliable and quick. T-Mobile D
  4. Noon Mountain time works for me. Its 11 am for me. Its noon somewhere.
  5. I'm down for drinking in the morning, its noon somewhere
  6. I was gonna proof it but Leslie did a fine job! Good luck on your case!
  7. A toast from the user with 151 in their screen name, I like it! I'd be interested
  8. basically stopped working out but! I cut out soda and fast food and lost 12 lbs without doing anything else.
  9. Not what I would want to her in this situation but I would wait it out until emotions are no longer fuming, first and foremost. In my experience with dealing with close friends, they have a way of working things out in the end. Your concerns are valid and I've been in a situation where I didn't have the courage to say no to a live in other and the rest of the lease was miserable. Good for you for saying something! It isn't always easy to say what you really mean or confront strangers, its definitely tougher to do with friends. Good for you. I guess I don't have any actual suggestions bu
  10. Hello fellow Washingtonian! Advise above is great, I have nothing to add but welcome.
  11. OOO, great pics! I've been looking for a good camera I'll have to check it out!
  12. I've been in CIC Rehab Its a 12 step process. This semester is working me over, will be back posting and a new app spree in a month!
  13. 505 of me Statistically the 1st most popular first name.
  14. Mine are Ignignokt and Err from ATHF,and their powers are far beyond all that you can comprehend with 100% of your brain. And I'm an excellent speller.
  15. Btw, I try to take naps on my lunch break, campus has some great secluded couches that are quiet. Fourth floor back of the library is always quiet and nap friendly