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  1. If they agreed, in writing, but after receiving the payment did nothing, what are the legal options? Can we take them to the court?
  2. WhoCares1000: Thanks for your reply. The whole idea is to know how a judgment creditor can find if you are part of a corporation or llc! A friend was asking me and I had no idea how it works. You mentioned The corporate Veil. Do they need to brake that first in order to request the sale of shares or stock? Thanks.
  3. Massive:...... What would be the difference?
  4. Here is my question: After a judgment is entered against someone and e write of execusion has been orderd by the court. Can the judgment holder or their attorney try to request and attach a business account that belongs to a corporation or LLC, where the judgment debtor is a member and has access to that bank account? Thanks for your feedback and have a great weekend.
  5. Can we ask a creditor to not report a perfectly good standing account to the 3 CRAs? Is it legal or has anyone heared of something similar? Thanks.
  6. This judgment was entered against me 3 years ago. Tried to fight it in the court, but no luck. It is not showing in my credit report. I would like to contact the CA, and try to settle it, but I am afraid that it would be reported as settled on my credit report. If I don't ask them to report it as settled, what are the chances to have it showing up in my credit report?
  7. calawyer, do you know any attorneys in Los Angeles for FDCPA violations? Thanks.
  8. Trueq, Thanks for your posts. In the first one, the title said: There is only 3-4 GOOD attorneys. Do have any contact info for them? Thanks.
  9. Thanks everybody. At this point, I should stop waiting for these guys to answer. The BK market is so hot for them right now.
  10. Hi everybody, I think I have solid evidence to show several violations by Midland, Crap One, plus CRAs usual "Non Compliance". I have been trying to contact a few attorneys, listed on NACA site for S. California, but none has answered to my emails or messages left at their voice mail! Does anybody know an actual NACA attorney who would, at least, return a call? Are they so busy that can afford to ignore a request? Thanks for your help.
  11. The irony is, that we know they are not useful to us, but each click on a link in this site, openes "Lexington Law" ! Should we realy have these guys advertise here?
  12. Hello everybody and Happy Holidays. I have disputed a few items on my credit reports for several months, following the guidelines. First with the CRAs and then to CAs or OC. All three CRAs have come back "verified". I have requested the OC (Crap1) to investigate and the CAs to validate. None of my requests (certified mail) have been answered and the CRAs keep coming back as "Verified"! A few weeks ago, Equifax started reporting a wrong name, once I requested the correction, they asked for the copies of my IDs. Not a big deal, but I had their old reports with my correct name and address. So I
  13. Hello everybody, here is my question: Once a judgment is issued and the CA tries to collect, are they required to report the correct account info to the CRAs? I have this CA reporting wrong account openning dates, etc , but not reporting the default judgment! What would you do? Let it slide or go for a DV?
  14. Clyde, if these guys are who I think, be very very careful. I think this is a law firm based in San Diego. If so, you'll see them filing tons of paperwork with the court and then request to dismiss the same, a couple days later . It's a huge smoke screen, it will make you think that they are messed up big time and will take your eyes off them.( I have checked the court papers on several cases and this seems to be their favorit MO). Be aware that they will use a "Rent-a-lawyer' service, after filing for a default Judgment via fax with the court, change the original court date and before you s
  15. Hello everybody, I have been trying to repair my credit for the past few months with a few results. However I haven't been able to get rid of some, such as Crap one , etc etc. They keep validating with the CRAs, but refuse to provide documentation. One of the issues that I was disputing with the CRAs was removing an incorrect name and address. ( Never lived in that address or even close by). Well, after 3 requests and the CRAs refusal to remove the incorrect info, now they are all reporting the wrong name as mine and in order to proceed with any disputes, they are asking me to provide copies o