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  1. HI- I just recieved a letter from my employer notifying me of a garnishment. I have not heard anything on the judgement that they recieved or any type of comunication asking me to pay the judgement. Is that normal process? I am in washington state. Thanks! Alison
  2. HI- I recieved a summons for 3 nsf checks. The total of all 3 checks is less then $25.00, yep $25.00. They are saying the interest is over $100.00 which i can believe. The thing that confuses me is they are saying the principal amount is over $200.00... Huh?? This is way off by the numbers on the complaint they sent me. I need to send the attorney a response and dont know how or what to say. They are trying to get a judgement of over $900.00 for this $25.00 debt. I am in Washington State... Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I did find their address online. Do you know if they typically are willing to work with people after something has been charged off?
  4. Thanks for the reply back! How do i know who and where to write at Capitol One?
  5. Hi- I have a capitol one account that was charged off in September 2008. I just recieved a collection letter from Suttel and Associates which i a local collection agency. They dont negotiate at all. My husband had a credit card sent to them, so this is how i know. My question is, is it too late to try to negotaite a payment arrangement with Capitol One? THey have almost doubled the amount owing. I just was not sure if there were any options, being it was sent to a collection agency already. Thank You!
  6. So because i had a subprime hybrid loan, one of the options they were giving us, is a 10 year interest only. That is what my offer is. I am cool with that. It increases every year about .25%, then goes to a fixed rate of 8% at the end of 10 years. Principal and Interest payments. Right now only about $125.00 of my payment goes to Principal anyway, so i can just send more a month if i choose to pay down the Principal. My payment went from $1400.00 to $850.00. I am happy.
  7. It will come via FEDEX when it does come. Today i had an automated message left from countrywide, stating that there was some important papers coming from them via Fed Ex, and to watch for them. The one thing i can tell you is there system is slow at updating. Even though when you call, they may have no info, that does not mean anything.
  8. Yeah it was approved! Have you checked your online account?? I dont know all the details yet. My paperwork should be here today. I do know that for one year, starting with my first payment due MAr 1st, my intrest rate will be 4.65%, this equals to a payment of $850.00 a month. It was $1400.00 a month. I will let you know what the remainder of the loan will be once i found out tonight.
  9. My mod is approved. I have not gotten my paperwork yet as the weather has delayed it to getting to me. have you heard anything?
  10. Nothing still for me too!! Its frustrating as i am reading about others getting offers. People whom submitted their info after me even. Grrr... Does your account show an estimated file close date? If you call the rep, they have that info. I bleive mine was Jan 2nd or 7th.
  11. No, you just log in to the regular site at countrywide.com.
  12. I went online to view my countrywide account, and it shows that they recieved my paystubs. Also says i should hear something by Dec 15th.
  13. Thank You!! I faxed my info in last Weds. So were you told that you would recieve some info in the mail from countrywide between Dec 3-5th? Thats what the lady on the phone told me. Just curious.
  14. I was wondering if you have the number they told you to fax everything to? I got it yesterday, and now have misplaced it. Dont know how.
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