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  1. Sorry, I didn't mention, the original TL had a date of Charge off/Collection as of 03/2004, but it actually happened in 09/2003.
  2. I started visiting this site awhile ago and slowly have been repairing my credit.... Now, I'm stuck. My biggest priority is my repo with GMAC. My "attack" was as follows: 1st dispute with all 3 CRAs: 8/28/2007 Result: "verified" 2nd dispute with all 3 CRAs: 10/4/2007 Result: "verified" Dispute with OC: 10/31/2007 No Result I had to take a break from my Credit Repairand now all 3 reports are coming back with a note: Updated/Verified 10/2007 I also now have a Collection Account listed for the same debt. I have disputed and started debt validation for this account. What do I do about this GMAC problem?
  3. Thank you to everyone who makes this forum possible. I have been following along and trying to repair my credit for a few months now. I have a letter that I am sending to one of my former creditors to remove a 30 from my report. I only had the account for a short time and would prefer it to be deleted entirely. Thank you. (Note: Roadloans.com and Triad Financial is the same company) Dear Loan Administration, I have very much enjoyed being a client with Roadloans.com and appreciate all of the wonderful, prompt, and professional customer service your company has given me. I am now asking for just one more courtesy. As you can see in my account, I opened my account with Triad Financial in January 2006 and refinanced with Roadloans.com in January 2007. I paid my bill on time and in full each month. In May 2007, I again re-financed my car loan with Capital One Auto Finance. I began sending in my payments to Capital One Auto Finance in June 2007. Recently I pulled my Credit Report from each of the three major Reporting Agencies: Experian, Equifax and Transunion; much to my dismay, Roadloans.com had reported me 30 days late in June 2007 with my payment, however, subsequent months (July, August, September) had been reported “OK.” I am just asking that this mark be removed by Roadloans.com At that time I also realized that I still owed $96 to my Roadloans.com account. I assume that Capital One Auto Finance made an error in their calculations and in no way did I fault Roadloans.com. I immediately paid the $96. I know that you are under no legal obligation to report to any agency. As this account is now closed and paid in full, I would like to ask, as a gesture of goodwill, that you delete my account from each of the three major Reporting Agencies: Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Thank you very much for your time and consideration and I hope to do business again with Triad Financial/Roadloans.com in the future. Sincerely yours, Enclosed is a copy of my Driver’s License for identity verification purposes.
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