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  1. LUEser as you know I am practically in the same boat you are with LVNV. I am also batteling the "Factoring Company" issue. Check this link out (if you have not already) there is a vast ammount of info here. I read and researched for hours. it really breaks it down.
  2. I totally agree, Unfortunately what I beleive is not always what a judge beleives. I still do not understand how they can receive the right to collect something i never contracted with them on. It is what it is, i guess. Also I am far from a lawyer so putting all of this together is going to be fun. The fact that they have numerous violations in their attempts to collect I hope will help. I do not beleive they have anything. I call their bluff. I need to put this together soon. I have been searching for other answers to summons and analyzing what would pertain to my case. I appreciate all of y
  3. Thanks I read the link you posted before. Great info. The attorney as far as I know has no affidavit. They have not produced any evidence in two years.I will look further into the sworn denial. I am obviously missing something, Maybe I just cannot see the forest because of the trees. I still (As I stated before) do not see how any court of law can allow a JDB to collect on a debt you absolutely do not owe them. If it was assigned to a CA that is a different story. At that point they are employed by the OC to pursue collection. That never happened. Sears (Citi) charged off the debt, SOLD it to
  4. Yes their lawyer filed a lawsuit even before I could send them a request for proof. they filed 14 days after I received the letter.
  5. Ok I have been on and off these boards for not quite a year yet, and I have yet to understand how any court of law can force you to pay a bad debt that a JDB purchased willingly. In no way shape or form do I owe anything to these people (JDBs).I did not enter a contract with them, they did not loan me money, and foremost they are not a financial institution. If the OC did not sue me how, can the JDB. Call me old school but I am not paying anything I do not owe you, especially when the JDB types some BS letter at home on their old 1980s PC that says "you owe us money" Yeah I will show up in c
  6. Funny you mention the SOL 4years here in CA if they would have waited 15 more days it would have been outside the SOL. I 100% agree with you on that DVing their minions and not them directly. I attribute that to inexperience which I have since overcome by reading here and other places. I was under the impression that since they had LVNV's name on the dunning letters that would account for something. I hope it will hold some water in court. I guess it is what it is now so I need to move forward. I assume what I received is the type of letter they will present. I have yet to see an affidavit, Th
  7. I have tried to contac several through the sites. I am in northern California most are located in So Cal. I am being told the $ amount does not interest them. I have been through this once before Pro se it seemed a lot simpler then. I am prepared to battle them, I am aware of the laws and their violations. My problem now is putting it to the courts. Here is the thing, last time I filed my answer, showed up and court and they did not etc... they went away. this group seems a little more knowledgeable, I am not at all scared because I know I have them on violations. but how far will they go, Mo
  8. These scumbags amaze me. They started their collection attempts against me around November of 2007. Using one of their many alliases. I requested Validation, heard nothing, then they farmed to another alias. I again requested validation, Again nothing. But yet they continue to verify with the CRA's. Have heard nothing until Sept.2nd 08. A letter from a collection lawyer requesting I pay etc... I again (as their letter stated) asked for validation of the debt well with-in the 30 days of the lawyers initial contact. 14 days later I was served with a summons. I thought they had to wait until the
  9. That is true. I get daily emails with some great deals. I do agree with you there. Hey as long as they keep rasing my limit I do not care what color the card is. Bring that utilization down.
  10. So to get the actual card you have to spend so much money? I was not aware of that. Do you get the Visa card? Heck I do not spend that much on Macys overpriced stuff, I have the CL of $2000 I am happy...I guess?
  11. Above, I still have the RED card they gave me to start with. Are they supposed to send you a different card? Or do you just go up in levels?
  12. Hey AboveAverage read my thread on Macys in the forms, I think I titled it "Macys Luv". I have spent a total of $25 and now I am up to $2000. I did not ask for any CLI's.
  13. OK it has been awhile since I posted, but I read the forms everyday. In my recent stint of inquiry removals, I received my credit reports today showing my IQ's Deleted....Yeah. I was scanning the reports quickly and noticed that my Macys showed a CL of $2000.As everyone here says," I nearly fell out of my chair". I thought it was a typo, My wife immediately called and verified it, Yep $2000 w/ $0 Balance. Here is the thing, I opened the account last December in time for X-mas with my huge $200 limit. I bought one thing for $20. I made one minimum payment and then paid it off. 3 mos later...BA
  14. I am using my experience as an example, I have never had a C&D work,especially with big JDB's They just pass it on to another agency. Take LVNV for example. they manage multiple aliases under there name. I guess the fiqure no one is going to follow through with their threats of ITS. Hey Robert thanks for your help, It is appreciated. Have a good one.
  15. There is nothing to gain by sending a DV, However in the case of someone going through this process from the begining a DV does buy time, it does not allow for further collection activity until the debt is validated. In my case they have never validated anything, Nor was I ever given the opportunity. As far as wasting time and postage what is the point of a C&D they are not bond to listen to it anyway. So with that being said it is just as well to just ignore it. regardless of what i said there is not a damn thing they can do, I was more so looking for the entertainment value...That is al