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  1. How did W+A get my social security number...I didn't give it to them..My wife didn't give it to them, so I'm wondering?????????
  2. The VA has hired an outside agency to collect past due bills..In my case the amount was less than $300.00. I received a very aggressive and somewhat nasty letter from a collection agency working for the VA. The collection agency said that my veterans benefits may be terminated if the account was not brought current within 30 days..I called the 800 number and explained my financial situation would only allow me to pay $20 per month. I was told that if the account was not brought current in 30 days, my veterans benefits could be terminated. My monthly prescriptions at VA prices total $50 per mon
  3. I called the courthouse and the clerk said that the meeting was canceled by plaintiffs attorney...I am hoping thats the end, but............. we'll see.....................
  4. I was suppose to go to court today for a "final arbitration", but i received a phone message from the jdb's attorneys office saying the hearing had been postponed due to scheduling problems.. Does this indicate that they do not have the proof of debt that I requested from them, or is this normal procedure? The jdb is W&A. thanks leaper
  5. They get a flat fee of $22 for all checks, then 4.88% of the amount of the check... They get all your info, name, addres, ssn, dob, phone, etc. Then they call the company/person who issued the check to verify, and then they get left and right thumb prints..My guess is they don't get stuck very often. They also "give" pay day loans @ 9% per week!!!!! No wonder poor people stay poor... Nice racket....
  6. Yes, The agent said it would be taxable.. Thanks for your feedback...
  7. I have a small life insurance policy with a small cash out "surrender" value. I have already borrowed against it as much as I can.. I am due to give sworn testimony about my income in the next two months. If I cash in this policy am I asking for trouble?? I would like to wait, but I have a very important payment due in the next 15 days. Comments and suggestions appreciated...Thanks, leaper
  8. americaner83...should I have started a new thread with this question...thanks, leaper
  9. I am definitely going to object. Why should I, (the one with no money), have to appear in person, while they, (the ones that have money), get to phone it in? I will take any more ideas you have...thanks, leaper
  10. Does it imply they don't have a case? Is this a normal procedure? Thanks, leaper
  11. Concerning confirmation of arbitration: I sent the well thought out answer, supplied by trueq, to W&A and the court on 3/20/08. Today I received a "Notice of Hearing" (from the circuit court) to be held in June at my county courthouse. W&A's did not furnish any proof of the original debt, in fact, no response to me, no info at all. They have attached a motion to apear by phone "as it is very costly to the client to appear in person". "counsel has an understanding of the facts of the case and would prefer to handle the matter rather than utilize substitute counsel". What the h... does
  12. There is no special wording on the check...just pay to the order of...and below the amount it says "void after 90 days". I'm 14 days in. May have to bite the bullet and give the check cashing dudes $40-$50 bucks. Could have filled the car up...thanks, leaper
  13. I received a check from an estate. I want to cash it immediately, but the check cashing places want 10%+...The check is for $450. My bank account has been frozen for the last 45 days..I need the money. the check is written on a Wells Fargo account, but there is not one in my area...I doubt that any new bank wants to open an account for me...any suggestions.??? Thanks,,,,,,,,leaper
  14. I got copied on a letter the Circuit Court sent to LVNV requesting that they authenticate the debt owed before it goes to judgement..Just wanted to say thanks for your help..Will keep you updated...leaper
  15. Thanks, I am going to make the mtg payment...just can't do otherwise...leaper