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  1. Sorry you are having this problem! First, find out if the credit union is federally or state chartered. There are definitely guidelines (and policy procedures) for them if they are. If they are not, (Some are member owned), they still have to have policy, procedure, and loan guidelines in place. They are lying to you and think you won't follow up. Be persistent and call the supervisor back. Leave a message that if you do not receive a return call that day by someone who can validate the denial on your loan, you will start reporting them to the BBB, the banking commission, and other agenc
  2. Sounds like a combined file or ID theft. I would check all of the creditors listed to make sure those are really hers. Also, look and see what jobs are reporting on the report and what dates are posted with each address, job, etc. The dates will tell you when that address was used to inquire about employment or new credit.
  3. You should be fine with your scores in the mid 600's to get a good rate. Your BK doesn't matter as long as it has been 2 years from discharge date AND you never included a house in with the BK7 that was foreclosed on. Then you would need to wait 3 years. Sounds like you are good to go. As long as the other accounts are old and you have established new credit that you have been making your payments on time, you should be okay.
  4. You should be fine with those scores. Most of the negative items are old anyway. With a child support showing up on your credit report (usually it is "back child support" if it shows up on your credit and also why they might report it as a 120 day late), you will need to count the current payment in your debt to income if your children are still old enough to receive it.
  5. Did you pay the original creditor of the student loan before or after they transferred the debt to the guarantor? After the guarantor has the student loan assigned to them, they are the one to collect the debt. The original creditor of the student loan has insurance (included in part of the loan proceeds not given to you, that was part of the loan from the guarantor in case of default). The guarantor pays the original creditor. Once the creditor has been paid, they will mark "paid" on your credit report and also mark that it was transferred. They will also mark the number of days past due
  6. I would keep trying with a stronger letter stating they are supposed to investigate this matter and need to clear it up or you will be taking legal action.
  7. I would send a letter to all 3 credit bureaus asking them to remove this from your reports with a copy of this letter you received from Midland. They should remove and Midland shouldn't report anymore so you WIN!
  8. If you authorize a broker or mortgage shop to pull your credit, they have to "shop" your loan with an investor that they are set up with. This WILL hurt your credit. ASK questions before you give out your social security number. Ask if the credit they pull is good for ALL investors they are signed up with or if each individual investor has to pull your credit also. Call a different broker/mortgage company if they say that they have to pull your credit first or if they stall on this question. They should be able to reply that your credit pull with them works for all their investors and no fu
  9. They can't garnish unless they file a judgment. So, do what the person above said and check filings in AL for a judgment. He should have received something from Capital One saying that they now own the account and that if he did not set up payment plans, they would file a judgment against him. I am meeting with my attorney whom I use to clear up my clients CR's for mortgages. I will ask him the question about the garnishment for a 1099. I think it would be pretty difficult to garnish any wages on a 1099 since he is considered "self-employed" and could make a work contract with different peo
  10. Ahhh.. Very good information. I will be researching this more. Thanks.
  11. Good info. I have seen Dell approve people 12 mos out of BK7. I am not sure about a BK13...
  12. Number for CS is: 1-877-294-7880. Writing to them about inquiries: Wal-Mart, PO BOX 981064, El Paso, TX, 79998-1064.
  13. You only have to be out of foreclosure for 3 years to obtain a mortgage. What kind of program you can qualify for will depend on your situation at that time. However, you may be able to obtain an exception to the foreclosure on FHA if you have evidence to prove extenuating circumstances that were not your fault that led to the foreclosure. These would be: death of the primary wage earner (spouse), laid off from job and not able to obtain work for a very good reason, permanently disability of working spouse, etc. Has to be a VERY good reason. Need evidence and letter of explanation. Otherw