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  1. When DH and I began his credit repair in July of this year he had scores in the low 500's and NO positive TL's in his name. I was successful in getting 10 negative accounts deleted - 5 of which were collection accounts. I received1 goodwill adjustment turning a negative into a positive. Had a foreclosure updated correctly ~ wiping out 100k of outstanding debt thus helping his debt to income ratio. At this time DH still has a foreclosure reporting to all 3, a repo reporting to TU and EX and 1 collection account that will be paid next month for deletion. Since July we have added the following positive TL's to his CR: CCCU $500 Visa AFCU $1000 Personal Loan Home Depot $500 Store Card Capital One $300 MC Crown Jewelers $1500 Store Card He has also been approved for the following tho' they aren't reporting yet: AFCU $500 Holiday Loan TTCU $21k Auto Loan Target $200 Red Card Hooters $1000 MC Kay's $1500 Store Card Jared's $1500 Store Card Conn's ~ approved but don't know the CL yet. No love from Wal Mart or Macy's because of the # of inquiries from the auto financing and we will only apply for one more card in the next month ~ a preapproval from Orchard Bank (0% APR until Sept 14% after, $39AF). I think we are done for a while. Going to let these cards age and get a really good, solid payment history. Thanks to everyone here for the wonderful advice, support and encouragement. With your help we have been able to turn our financial situation around ~ this site is priceless!! ps ~ I don't know what DH's actual FICO's are as I haven't bought them in a couple of months and don't plan on buying them again until March. His Faco's were in the mid 6's when we started applying. I know they will probably tank when everything starts reporting but that shouldn't last too long.
  2. NO love from Macy's for DH. They pulled EX. Only reasons listed for the decline were: Too many recent credit checks Too many inquiries Maybe next year when ALLLLLLL of the inquiries from obtaining vehicle financing this year fall off.
  3. DH got a "preapproval" for a Orchard Bank Platinum MC today. 0%APR until Sept 08 on purchases and $39 AF. Went to the website to apply and couldn't find where you enter your preapproval code. So we are just going to mail in the stub they sent with the code on it and see what happens. Don't think he'll get approved tho...has a $10k charge off/repo with HSBC Auto from 2004. We are done applying for credit for awhile after this. We really don't need the card but we're hoping that if approved it would heal the relationship between DH and HSBC.
  4. EQ outsources their stuff to CSC in Texas and a few other states....You think EQ is a biatch to work with try their "mini me" CSC. Just checked EQ thru TC and inquiries are STILL there...I'm bummed
  5. I did this again with EQ for the huge # of inquiries last month due to purchasing a new car. Got a letter from EQ yesterday saying that they were sending CSC the request because we are in a state serviced by CSC. BOOOOOO. Last time they deleted then sent the stupid "were forwarding" letter. Crap~did every thing the same too. We shall see what happens. Maybe they are getting wise.
  6. DH received his red card a few days ago...$200 CL ~ we'll take it!!
  7. My DH also got the 7-10 day wait message...this was his 2nd time to apply. He was declined in July. Received his Hooters card this afternoon...1k CL ~ not as much as some of the others but it's a start!!
  8. DH approved for a target card last night...don't know the CL. He was declined in July but we have since cleaned up all the baddies.
  9. DH was approved for a Kay's card last night only $1500 but hey it's a positive TL ~ also applied with Jareds since he was approved for Kay's... haven't heard back from them yet.
  10. Hey all! We were out of town from Wed until yesterday. I checked DH's CRs today and MCM is gone from TU and EX...just waiting for the delete on EQ ~ I'm so happy!!! I don't know exactly what day it was deleted but it was done quickly ~ much quicker than I ever expected!!
  11. Thanks y'all! Anyone have any idea how long it actually takes them to notify the CRAs and have the account deleted? I checked DH's reports today and it's still there.
  12. Got a reply from MCM thru the San Diego BBB this morning!! They are moving the account into " a special holding queue where all collection activity, credit reporting and sale of accounts are prohibited. In addition, the three credit reporting agencies will be notified to delete all reference to this account" SUCCESS!!! WOOOOHOOO, finally ~ they are out of our lives!!! I LMAO at the rest of the letter...them trying to justify their collection practices to the BBB ~ it really was hillarious. Looks like the BBB is absolutely the way to go when dealing with MCM...good luck to everyone else who have this parasite attached to their CRs
  13. Well...went to the dealership today ~ a franchised one just like Roadloans said to do and they wouldn't accept the check. Found out that it sometimes takes them 90 days to pay the dealer and that they don't approve vehicles that are within the guidelines that they give you. Just an FYI for those considering Roadloans. I was so let down but the dealer really worked with us. We were there for 4 hours but it was worth it we didn't leave empty handed!! Dealership got us approved thru a local Credit Union with nothing down and 11% APR. I know, higher than what Roadloans offered but we can refi later on down the line. DH got his truck. 2001 Chev Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab with 58000 miles for $14988. They wanted 16988 but came down $2k. We ran all the specs thru Kelly Blue Book last night and we got it for $800 under suggested retail. This truck is soooo clean it looks like it just rolled of the showroom floor. It belonged to the sales managers and he traded it in recently so it's been very well taken care of. After all was said and done with financing the extened warranty and gap we ended up with a 20k bill and payments for 54 months. EXTREMELY happy with our purchase!! That is until we have to put fuel in that big boy...luckily DH works 15 miles from home. :mrgreen:
  14. DH got approved today for a car loan. We used lending tree and got these offers: Citifinacial ~ $25k @ 13.09% for 72 months Roadloans ~ $20k @ 10.54% for 72 months He also applied with one of our credit unions and waiting to hear back from them. Members if approved have a 6.5% APR. If we don't get approved thru them we'll go with the Roadloans. The interest is on the high side but considering that 10 months ago we couldn't be approved even with a cosigner we are extremely pleased with the offers he's received thus far. Will keep y'all updated!!
  15. Disputed I think 13 ~ have had 10 deleted so far but added a new one last night with the Cap 1 inq, but atleast DH got an approval this time. So as of tonight showing 4 total inq on EQ. TU showing 2 and EX showing 14 ~ ugh! I wish there was an easier route regarding deletion of EX inquiries other than fraud alert. We're going to have to buy another vehicle in the next 30 days and I don't want to freeze EX since it's one of DH's higher FICOs... what to do what to do?? But with all those inq showing on EX he's likely to not get financed if that's the score that's pulled....I'm torn on what to do!
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