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  1. well a lot of them seem to be involving the autoloan/mortgage, so you anwsered my question that I had. the other ones that were supposidly placed thru online applications, I sent out letters this morning saying that I didn't authorize them, so hopefully that will help. I got a package over the weekend thru bank of america, the privacy assit program, and according to them, there were three inquiries over the past 12 months that were hurting my score, all of which were "online" so those are the ones I'm attacking now. Hopefully i'll have success!!
  2. Ok, So once all my credit cards are paid off and have zero balances..i know that will help my score.... Disputing and getting as many inquiries I can off, and getting the bad items off..that will help my score... what should My next step be? Right now im around a 578, and i know that paying off the balances will get me close to a 600, but the only debt i will have from there will be a car, which i have always paid on time, and keeping that streak will help, but what else can i do to help raise the score? I am going to close out my accounts all with the exception of one. (master card with a limit of 300) and i plan on using it frequently, but maintain a low balance 20-30% to show that i'm "careful" with my credit..but what else can i do to help raise my score?
  3. Yes, not all of them, but a few of them. Only thing is, it wasn't ME persay shopping, it was the mortgage broker/car dealership doing the shopping for me
  4. So basically by this report I'm looking at, I can't determine if they are hurting me or not, because it doesn't specify, correct?
  5. Nope. Just one big group. only codes it has are, Reporting Agency, Tradeline name, inquiry date, and loan type"
  6. Looking at it right now, under the Inquiries section of this report, it says "Companies that have requested your credit file in the past two years. Inquiries made by companies for marketing purposes have no impact on your credit score and are not included here" I'm assuming these are "hard" then based on what it says here.
  7. Also, a lot of these seem to be multiple, (42 inquiries total on report, but it looks like the same company looked twice, Credco, and Credco IMS both looked on 3/06 for example) How bad are all these inquiries hurting me? My scores as of today are, TU 578 EQU 575 EXP 564
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by "hard" and Soft" Two are an auto loan, both dated 12/05, with different companies. I also have 3 it looks like, that may have been somthing that I went lookin for credit through a company online, (one is for walmart, for example) They must be pretty easy to dispute, seeing how I didn't sign anything, correct?
  9. This is the ONLY collection showing up on my report, Who should i try and contact to have it removed? Verizon or the company they hired to collect? and should I even try to get it off, or is it stuck there?
  10. Looking at my report, quite a few of the inquiries are well over 2 years old, but are still on my report. Should I try and contact these people and ask them to remove, or is it not hurting me because the age of them?
  11. Ok, march of last year, i got a new cell phone from verizon, and they had the "30 day return policy" and i ended up returning the phone and canceling service in the 30 day time frame. 5 months later, I recieved a bill from a collection agency on their behalf, for an amount of 53 dollars for "use" of service, which I paid off, but now is showing as a collection item on my report... 53 dollars??!?!?! a collection for 53 dollars??? are you kidding me!?!?
  12. did you send them certified? Other places i've read seem to state that if they don't reply within a "resonable amount of time" they have to remove it
  13. really? I tried looking for a previous post, but couldn't really find much.. a lot of them i know arn't valid, and I think most of them are from being "shopped around" from a car dealership and 4 from a mortgage broker any suggestions otherwise?
  14. So I have 13 Inquiry's on my report..all over a year old. Do i need to send them all certified letters to say i didn't authorize the inquiry? or would a regular letter do?
  15. I've been lookin for a letter sample..but I'm looking for ideas what to put on a dispute letter. Any samples out there or suggestions on how to write it