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  1. Remember a paid collection on report is just as bad as unpaid as far as scoring. Make sure the wording is correct you dont want the CA just making their account as paid.
  2. If only "HOUSE" was a real doctor. (maybe someone metioned him already. I didnt read all the post) My hubby suffers from some of the same problems so i kinda understand. I know the fustrating part is "not knowing."
  3. Paid off in full $2889.00 since Nov 1 , 2008. Almost 1k a month. IN mid Oct i moved from a rental house to an apt and cut my monthly living expensives by 55 %. Also we (3 people) quit eating at fast food restaurants and junk from gas stations. I will pay off $650 more on feb 1st leaving only 2 credit cards left. One is Circuit city- maybe they will lose my info in all the confusion. Wishful thinking i know. I shall be DEBT FREE FOREVER in 2009!!
  4. You can also spread them out over the year so you can keep track for free all year long.. heres what I mean. Jan 09 request Experian. May request EQ. Sept request TU. Then repeat that every year.
  5. Im losing weight and saving money just by having a cash budget when grocery shopping. I take a list and just enough cash to buy the items i need so there is no money for ice cream or BBQ chips(my weakness)...I now leave the kids at my moms when shopping. That avoids all the extra junk they would pick out, less stress of telling them NO Cheetos are not for breakfast. I also cut out coffee with i added tons of sugar/ milk and sodas..again saving money and pounds.
  6. Kay's (he now outright owns two diamond earrings, only one of which he wears - should I get a second man??) A second man? Now that wil cost ya!! Sell the extra diamond to Red Swan. I will post my totals later. Ive been paying like crazy using a method from a financial advisor who's name i wont mention. Dont wanta get bet up like nashville:p
  7. I pay them thru my banks bill pay to avoid the payment fee..also i called them to cancel- had them just over one year now my lowest credit limit. anyhow they asked me if i would keep my account open if the waive the monthly fee for 6 months. So i agreed even though i said "To be honest i will just call back in 6 months and cancel then". So i will let the TL aged for at least the next 6 months and not use the card. Im applying for a mortgage next month and was advised not to close any accounts right now so the free 6 months works for me. So maybe you want to threathen to cancel and see what the
  8. Good luck to you.and may i add your FICO scores are fabulous..
  9. Gee- im going on vacation soon. Hope I dont return home to find Goldielocks sleeping in my bed:D
  10. Thought i saw you fly by the full moon...must have been on your way back to Cala..
  11. Disputes can take up to 45 days if you used your free report from annualcreditreport.com..so it may be longer than the 5th of next month. Dont know about SOL- when i was in AF i always kept DE as my residence eventhough i was all over the US. Id just keep researching on here...good luck.
  12. you can email TU and they will check your childs for you.. i posted the link on here before..i will try to find it and add it heres the email i got from TU- have your Tu file # ready If you wish to learn if a credit file currently exists for your minor child, please call our Fraud Victim Assistance Department at (800) 680-7289. When you call make sure to have this nine digit file identification number, #xxxxxxxxx, that will allow you to speak to one of our customer service representatives. The recording will ask for your zip code. After saying or typing it in, listen to the prompts. Press 2 f
  13. Hellard

    Home Loan

    Congrats.............may i ask how you got all those inq's removed?
  14. As you will learn quickly on CIC, EX is the devil- thats why your score is lower:evil:
  15. IM puttin' the freeze on TU--lately they have become worse than the devil himself (EX)!