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  1. Thanks!! I will definitely do that. This forum has been SO valuable. Wow....words can't describe how much I owe this forum. I'm going to recommend it to everyone. Thanks everyone!
  2. Everyone! Believe it or not - I just received LOAN COMMITMENT from Fannie Mae!!!!!!!!! Not pre-approval, but the actual loan commitment! WOOHOO!!!!!! And I thought it would be impossible to get a house in this market! Here's to my closing! Ryan
  3. Do you know anything about Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae? I've been exploring those options as well. My income is very high and debt pretty low.
  4. EX: 582 EQ: 602 TU: 581 I'm trying to find a 100%, full doc loan. Recently raised scores well over 100 points each and looking to finance again. Anyone know of a place that can do this for me? Thanks
  5. Lyssarene, I saw your post that "FAKO's" are usually lower than your actual FICO score. Lately...I've been so puzzled about scores. Here's what I currently have on TrueCredit: TU: 548 EX: 631 EQ: 581 ...HOWEVER - I just recently did a rescore last week (the numbers above were a little but not a lot lower), the rescoring company (Advantage Credit), said my FICO scores were: TU: 502 EX: 545 EQ: 544 It seems to be the opposite way for me. I wish it was the other way around, cuz I'd be doing much better. However, I am doing another rescore this week and since last week removed quite a few lines. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Hello! I've had a tradeline with a company for a few months. I haven't used the line at all. It's a $1,000 tradeline. My question is, if the line increases to say....$7,500 or even $10,000 and I don't use the line....will it make a difference in my score? I was offered an increase in the line and just curious if it'll make a "quick" difference? I need my score to go up 10-20 points but don't want to add any new lines...just increase what I currently have. I ran a "what-if" scenario during a rescoring that I've been doing, and it said it would go up about 63 points. Is that really the case? What are your thoughts? I don't wanna increase the line and have the score go south rather than north. I need an immediate boost....well...immediate as in...as soon as it reports.
  7. Hey! I disputed with the bureau and they removed! Thanks again!
  8. Anyone know if prosper reports payments to the bureaus? If so, does it report to all 3? If not, which ones? What's the minimum score required to get a loan through them? Thanks
  9. Rapid Rescoring is GREAT! Especially if you don't want to wait the 30-90 or longer period and have the documentation. Almost all of my scores jumped 100+ points since last week from one rescore! I'm actually about to do a second rescore because after performing another "what-if" scenario, I learned I could bump it up another 20-40 points per CRA! In the big scheme of things, it isn't that much money. It's definitely worth it! Here's to the closing of my second home which is MUCH closer today than it was just a week ago!
  10. Everyone, I'm in the middle of rescoring right now and saw the post about "rolling 30". Is there any way to remove rolling 30's? I have several and would like to change to 1x30. Any help and instructions on doing this is appreciated. FYI - I was with Countrywide. Thanks.
  11. I could swear I heard that the bureaus weren't allowed to remove inquiries. I've even seen this on forums...but hey...if they'll remove...i'm all about it!
  12. Hey! I figured it out and was able to dispute them. Crossing my fingers...
  13. Cool! Thanks for the suggestion!!! Will MyFico.com give me all 3 scores? Also - is it considered a "soft pull" where it won't affect scores? I just want to be sure scores won't be affected, because I'm in the middle of a mortgage contract. Thanks, Ryan
  14. What do you mean about the inquiries? Can I get them removed? I saw a post about getting equifax to remove inquiries...and went on their site to try it but it didn't give me the option. It only let me select "collections" or "accounts" that were on my file. Will be score go up if I can get rid of inquiries? Thanks