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  1. Hi there! Question for my Jersey brethren -- I'm in the process of trying to rebuild my credit (aren't we all?) and prepare for FICO scores to stop factoring in authorized users, as being an authorized user on four family member accounts that I pay have been helping my credit scores for some time. As I've prepared for this, I've taken as much new credit as I can get in the last year, taking the short-term inquiry hit. In my name, I have a $2,500 HSBC Discover, a $1,250 Orchard Bank Mastercard (secured), a $1,200 Bank of America Visa (secured) and a $350 Credit One Bank Visa, as well as a Mazd
  2. I CMRRR'd the CEO explaining that I was trying to buy a house and would do whatever it took to make it right, because their TLs were just about the only things holding me up. Looks like they pulled my report before making a decision - they must have seen that none of my baddies are recent and gone from there. Good luck!
  3. For the past year, I've been working hard to clean up my credit, and I made progress largely due to the help of the fine people on this board. I'd gotten down to two judgments, two baddies -- and the TEN baddies that resulted from defaulted student loans (five to the state, five to Nelnet, who picked them up at one point when I was keeping my head in the sand and then assigned them back to ISAC). I'd been told many times that there's was nothing I could do about getting these off my report, even though the defaulted loan had been paid off, because it involved the government. I wrote one lette
  4. I paid for an online records search and was kind of disappointed when it gave me basically the same information that my credit report had. Guess I'm heading down to the courthouse... This might be veering into the lawyer board territory, but once I do that, should I send the lawyer a CMRRR saying that I was just made aware of the judgment and wasn't ever served any papers (true, but I don't doubt it's mine) but am happy to pay the amount of the judgment as long as it's definitely mine? I am saving to have cash on hand to make a lump sum payment, so I'm hoping that they'll take something close
  5. Hi there -- I believe I've read in the past that a good mix of different types of credit -- meaning cards vs. loans and whatnot -- are a good thing. In the past, I've only had credit cards and some (defaulted, now settled) student loans. I recently got a $23k auto loan, and my FICO initially took a small hit. Am wondering if this will reverse itself with time? Thanks!
  6. How shortly is shortly in terms of the AUs coming out of the credit score? And will it happen with all three bureaus at once? I've been ramping up for this by opening smaller lines of credit in my own name for the last few months, but I may take the inquiry hit and try a few more before this happens. Also, when we say that AUs no longer count, it's a total no-count, correct? Meaning that the length of your/their credit history won't factor in, either? Have been using this as a strategy to build my own credit since I was a teenager, and in fact am totally responsible for paying most of the ca
  7. Sorry -- I actually have no idea what this is judgment is for, so I'm thinking JDB? I've never owned property. Thanks.
  8. Hi -- does anyone have any contact information on them? They filed a judgment against me in 2003 that I'm trying to take care of now, but for the life of me, I can't find them anywhere. All the contacts on their site seem to lead to dead ends. Thanks.
  9. I definitely want to take care of those judgements eventually. Do I run a risk of having them reinserted once I pay? I will likely not buy property before 2010 / 2011, when they were scheduled to fall off the report. Is that the magic date for them to go away for good, or can they haunt me forever if unsatisfied? Thanks!
  10. I debated whether or not to post this in the law forum, and thought this was the best place -- apologies if it's not. Just finished hyperventilating; I just got the results of two of three credit report investigations back. I'd contested some judgements -- two each on EX and TU and one on EQ. I got EX and TU back just now. EX deleted one and added a note to the other that reads Your Statement: Y ITEM DISPUTED BY CONSUMER And...believe it or not...TU deleted both! I'm in complete, joyous shock, and can't wait for EQ to come back (although that one is the same that EX did not delete). Now, I
  11. Apologies if this isn't the right place to post it, but I couldn't find a related board and thought some of you might be in my boat. Earlier this year, I repaid a $12,000 student loan that I'd WAY defaulted on. I just realized that I'm going to be facing a huge tax bill this year since I cashed out a 401(k) to pay off some credit cards (dumb, I know), so I'm searching under any rock to get that down. Anyone know if you can take a tax deduction for repaying a student loan if defaulted? Thanks!
  12. Thanks so much. Just seems odd that the report with all the 120+ day lates is so much lower than the others -- but I'll keep my mouth shut!
  13. Hi there -- am hoping that you can help me figure out the best way to approach a reporting issue. I had five baddies, all related to the same student loan issue. When I spoke with the student loan agency about the best way to settle my debt, they said I could give them $12k lump for the $14k debt, which I did. They said it'd be the best way to clear up my credit report. When I wrote a goodwill letter to see if I could get everything removed entirely, they said no because I settled. I'm planning on writing again and telling them that I WOULDN'T have settled if I'd only been told that it would