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  1. I sent off a Money order to the court today for copies of the case 27 pages x 50 cents a page. Yesterday I sent a letter to the Attorney (collection agency) stating that it had been 30 days since I got the letter from the court and telling them to contact NFCU immediately to remove the hold. I spoke with the lady in the Security Dept at NFCU and she said because the paper from the court discharging my account from levy/attachment did not specifically state Navy Federal she could not release my account. Hopefully when I get the papers from the court there will be something in there to that effect or the Attorney will indeed contact them. Oh well time to play the waiting game again.
  2. I am able to pull up the docket sheet in the courts website. It is about 3 pages long and I wasn't sure if I should cut/paste it here or not. The Judgement was renewed in 2004. I have spoken to the security department at Navy Federal (the lady who is handling my garnishment.) She had me fax her the granted motion to discharge property from levy/attachment but she would not release my account because the motion did not say anything specifically about Navy Federal. There were 2 bank accounts mentioned in this suit, my NFCU account that I have had for 20 years and another B of A account that I had when I moved into the apartment but was closed 15 years ago. She says I need to get something from the court that specifically states they are releasing my NFCU account or something from the attorney who filed the suit against me. So now I am about to send a copy of the discharge property from levy/attachment and a letter to the Attorney and demand that he contact NFCU. I wonder if now he'll come after me in Florida?
  3. This weekend (and it has happened occasionally in the past) I got an email update every hour from the credit infocenter for a thread that I posted to Saturday that I had "daily updates" selected. Sometimes this has happened in the past to. Someone will post in a thread for the first time in awhile and then every hour I get an email telling me about that same post over and over again.
  4. I was in the Navy at the time (1989-91) stationed at the Naval Medical Clinic Annapolis. I rented an apartment with a 1 year lease and about 10 months into it got married to another sailor and rented another apartment without fulfilling my lease. This was almost the exact same time as Desert Shield and I was sent TAD (temp. duty to Bethesda (only 40 miles away) for 6 months. I really don't think the TAD had much to do with the move. It was 20 years ago and I don't remember everything clearly but I am pretty sure it was my fault. In 1991 my wife and I were both transferred to Jacksonville FL and both got out of the navy in 1993. The original judgement is for $793.16 dated July 31, 1992 (I moved to Florida in October 1991 and was never served) but has ballooned to $1778.41 with $821 interest at 6% x 17 years + 45 court cost + 118.97 attorneys fee. I will look into getting the docket sheet and will update when I get it.
  5. Last weekend I got a letter from the District Court of Maryland that says: "A motion to Discharge property from Levy/Attachment was filed by the defendant (me) on Dec. 28, 2009. On April 12, 2010 the District Court of Maryland granted the motion." So I took the letter down to my bank and they said they have to here from the lawyer who filed the garnishment. They gave me his phone number again. I assume the "lawyer" is a collection agency so I have never contacted them by phone. I have only contacted them by mail once to send them a copy of the motion I filed. What I was thinking about doing next was to send the lawyer a copy of the granted motion to discharge and a letter demanding they remove the garnishment. Is that what I should do or does anyone have any other advice? (I guess I still technically owe them the money from 18 years ago but I have no intention of paying it.
  6. I just got my 1st ever CLI from HSBC from 1000 to 1200. I have had the card about 25 months so I don't know if it had anything to do with the 2 year mark or anything. My balance has been sitting between $650 and $750 for about 6 months and last week was the 1st time I made a payment of over $100 ($105.) They sent me a nice "CONGRATULATIONS, It's always a pleasure to share good news with our cardmembers letter!"
  7. This is my post about the Garnishment issue. Yesterday out of the blue I get a letter in the mail from Crescent Recovery in Virginia with an account # on it. I have not received a collection from anyone in over a year as I don't owe anyone anything from the last 10+ years other than current credit cards that are all up to date with 0 late payments this century. It is a privacy policy of some sorts with an opt out disclosure asking for my signature, printed name and date if I want to opt out of Crescent Recovery making disclosures to non-affiliated 3rd parties other than disclosures permitted by law. It says nothing about how much I owe, who I owe it to or anything, it just has an account number and my name/address which I did have on the copy of the motion which I sent to the attorney in Maryland who is trying to garnish my bank account. Should I sign it and send it back? My instinct is to sign nothing but I need some advice?
  8. Is this something I look for in Florida law or Maryland Law. I have lived in Florida since 1991. The judgment was from when I was in the Military and stationed in Maryland from 1989-1991.
  9. Last month they raised my limit to $1000 this month they jack my rate to 25%. At least they were kind enough to give me a little love before they..... me in the ......
  10. So, I contacted a local (Florida) naca lawyer and they said to contact a Maryland naca lawyer because that is where the judgement came from. She could not give me much info without entering into a contract but she suggested I file for a "wild-card" exemption which is supposed to let you exempt $6000 of money/property. So I overnighted the motion to MD Courts and sent one CMRRR to the "attorney" that is garnishing the bank account. I did try to call the attorney from a private number just to see who would answer and it sounded like a collection agency as the recording had all the "this is an attempt to collect a debt" mumbo jumbo. I obviously did not speak with them but did enclose my address with the copy of the motion (which was on the motion anyway) and I formally requested to not be contacted by phone. I will update later when I hear something. Hopefully the court want want me to go all the way to Maryland to fight this.
  11. Should I just open my phonebook and also do you have any idea what it would cost me (ballpark)?
  12. I tried to log into my NFCU account because I got the online message saying my statement was ready and the site said I needed to call them. NFCU says my electronic access is frozen, as our my checking and savings accounts (but fortunately not my credit cards). NFCU faxed me a "Request for Garnishment of Property other than Wages" for a judgement entered Maryland in July 1992 for then $793.16 (now $1778.41 with interest/fees). I googled some statute of limitation laws and don't see anything in Maryland longer than 12 years so I am hoping this will help me but I am not sure........ "Civil action: 3 years from the date it accrues, unless: Breach of contract under any sale of goods and services: 4 years Promissory notes or instruments under seal, bonds, judgments, recognizance, contracts under seal, or other specialties: 12 years. Financing statement: 12 years, unless a continuation statement is filed by a secured party six (6) months prior to end of twelve (12) year period." NFCU gave me their number to call and I said I would prefer their address but NFCU said they had to respond on 12/18 with my account balances ($600) and other info so there probably wasn't time to do things by mail. What should I do next?
  13. Got the letter yesterday raising rate from 18.2% to 21.7%. It definitely sucks but I am unfortunately not in a situation I can just pay it off and cancel it. I guess they've got me on this one. The letter specifically states... "...several changes made to your account as a result of the current economic conditions and new federal laws and regulations that affect all credit card companies........These terms are being changed for reasons unrelated to your account status or credit history.
  14. My bil drops on the 26th and I got the letter on 11/10 so I would say it is mid-cycle. I have been at $500 for about a year and have gone to the store at least once every month and made a purchase or 2 to keep it active. I used to do it in hopes of getting the Visa and then 1 day about 6 months ago I was in the store and the cashier said I had been "pre-approved" for a Target Visa. I thought...FINALLY! so I applied and was denied. Still no visa but the CLI on my store card is nice.
  15. I am pulling all my repoprts today for the first time in a few months. Crown did not show up on experian and on Transunion it reports as... The following item is suppressed pending credit grantor update: CROWN JEWELERS INC #261..... PO BOX 630705 IRVING , TX 75063 (800) 680-5509 Balance: $0 Date Updated: 09/2009 High Balance: $57 Credit Limit: $2,500 Past Due: $0 Pay Status: Paid or Paying as Agreed Account Type: Revolving Account Responsibility: Individual Account Date Opened: 01/2008 Date Paid: 02/2009 I don't think I'll be buying any more cheap jewelry for my dog (the only lady in the house) the next time they send me the "if you don't buy something we are going to close your account" letter.
  16. My GF filed for BK in 3/2002 and had it discharged in 2005. It reports on her CR as Date Filed/Reported 3/29/02 Closing Date 4/7/05. Should it have come off her CR already or is she stuck til 4/2012?
  17. Thanks for the prompt answers. I will most likely be renting from a complex that is probably owned by some bigger entity which seems to be the norm around here. If they did sue me would it be a public judgement (or whatever it's called) on my credit report or would it more be a collection? or both?
  18. I'm looking for an apartment and worry about getting a 12 month lease (which always seems to be ALOT cheaper.) In this economy who knows what could happen in the next 12 months. How does a broken lease report on your credit report if the company reports it. Is it the same type of hit as say a medical collection or worse? Also lets say: my lease is $1000 a month for 12 months. After 6 months I can't afford it and have to move out. Is there going to be a $6000 collection on my CR? I don't want to just ask the apartment complex about their policy yet because it might make me look bad so I figured I'd get any answers here first. Thank You!
  19. I have gone from $2000 to $2200 to $2400 on Hooters like clockwork. This time they gave me a $400 increase to $2800. I always keep it at at 40-45% utilization so I am getting some new shoes.
  20. I have a MC with HSBC with a limit of $1000. Before today, the cash limit was also $1000 but they reduced it to $250 and left the credit line at $1000. Also I had Hewlett Packard card with HSBC that was basically my worst TL ($800 limit and 25.1% interest rate.) I called them to cancel it the other day and the CSR said I can do that for you and it was done in under a minute. There was no "let me transfer you to an account specialist" or "why are you closing your account" just OK.
  21. Truecredit now lets you do a daily update of TU and a monthly pull of all 3. I called to cancel and they gave me a spiel about how you only need a monthly pull because the CC companies only report once a month blah blah blah! I no longer really need to daily pull all 3 but I still like to every couple days anyway. I just can't get out of the habit and like to be sure all is OK. Do any services let you daily pull all 3?
  22. I don't think I have an estate. The only thing I own over $100 are a 52" TV, a $500 recliner, a $1500 notebook, an xbox 360 and a $250 camera. I do have $1000 in stocks through Scotttrade and $1000 savings in each of 2 banks that I also have CC's through. I would assume they would use the savings to pay toward my CC balances. Which would be an estate...stocks, savings and or stuff or none if there is/isn't a will?
  23. The beneficiary of my life insurance is 80% GF and 20% Mom. If I die and am not married, don't own a home but do finance a car and have maybe $10000 in credit card bills, is there anyone who would have any liability for my CC's or are the credit card companies just out of luck. My credit score sure wouldn't matter. I assume that Citifinancial who finances the car would expect the car back and would be given it but I really would like to know about the CC liability. I have life insurance but no current will. Would a will giving all my stuff to my GF make her somehow liable? PS I have no kids, brothers or sisters. Just a living mother and father. Only a couple CC companies have asked for a closest relative and I have listed my Mom.
  24. I was wondering how many of you credit gurus have/don't have the insurance on their cards. I have over 10 cards and have the insurance that is computed from my balance on all of them. It covers getting laid off, disability and death. Death: I am not married and don't even know if anyone would be liable for my bills. I have 10x more life insurance than my outstanding debt that would go to my GF. Disability: I guess there is a chance but I think most of them just make monthly minimum payments for a while. Unemployment (Laid Off): This is probably why I have been getting the insurance because the situation with the economy. If I told them I was unemployed wouldn't they probably freeze my accounts or possible close them? Please voice your opinions!
  25. What if you pay your premium all at once? I know they soft pull your credit, I got Travelers last week and got a soft pull but I think they pulled before they gave me the payment options at the end. BTW I saved over $200 on a 6 month premium with better coverage than Geico.
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