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  1. I see what you mean...about the telephone appearance..that makes a lot of sense... Now I'll look for the form or wording for the "opposition to confirm the arbitration..." I think I've seen it on this site. Thanks, rabbit
  2. The confirmation hearing is in mid September... Matters to be heard: Plaintiffs motion to confirm arbitration award..."Palisades Aquisitions LLC,,assignee of MBNA" I have responded to their request to appear telephonically, telling them that I object, but if the court allows it, I would also like to appear telephonically..that's as far as I have gone...thanks...rabbit
  3. Great idea...any idea about how to file for telephone appearance? I have not answered, because there was nothing to reply to...it just said "show up"....thanks...............rabbit
  4. For one thing, it's a fifty mile round trip.. I wait in the courthouse for two to three hours and in the meantime, the piece of dirt is on his speaker phone collecting $150 an hour...why doesn't he (she) have to come to court in person...Why is it automatic??? Why is it reasonable??
  5. I have been summoned again to appear in court for a "Plaintiff's motion to confirm arbitration award". "plaintiff requests to appear telephonically". This is the second time..The first time I objected I got a sloppy handwritten note that said "plaintiff's request was granted". The day before court, I received a phone message that the plaintiff was cancelling the hearing "due to scheduling conflicts". Here is my question; can someone give me some wording so that I can object and actually have some control over the plaintiff's "appearing telephonically".? Thanks in advance.....rabbit. p.s. yes, they already won the initial arbitration...I was as surprised as you are...
  6. Where the H... is mine?.....oops, I owe the IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I know you were not being literal about the hay, but I just read an article about abandoned horses; abandoned because the owner(s) couldn't afford to feed them...They (the owners) were arrested amd fined. They said that feed, including hay, grain and supplements costs had doubled in two years. Look for more animal abuse coming soon, to a town near you, sponsored by Ethanol. I am one of those seniors feeling the food price pinch. I run my short errands on a 1989 Honda Elite, 50 cc that gets about 75 mpg. I am seeing more and more of them on the road. Some foreign countries already have a 1 to 1 ratio of scooters to cars. The scooter, or scooter repair business might make a good business opportunity for someone looking to work for him/herself..... Thanks, rabbit...........
  8. When I moved my account, it took W&A about 30-45 days to find it..You should be o.k. good luck...rabbit
  9. !. I live in Florida where non equity liens cannot be enforced on primary homes. 2. I have several non equity judgements against me. In my name only. 3. I tried to get a reverse mortgage, but the companies I dealt with insisted that the judgements be paid from the reverse mtg proceeds, which would wipe out the proceeds. 4. I am thinking about "quit claiming" the home to my wife, whose credit history I have protected. (Her credit is clean). There is no mortgage on the home. We both meet the age requirements, etc. Is this a viable solution? Thanks, rabbit
  10. Very, very funny...thanks for the laugh.....rabbit
  11. First....thanks for the update... secondly, IMO he knew the transfer could be challenged, even if there was no fraud or intent to defruad and he didn't want to deal with it. His office is a chapter 7 mill and my application may have caused a ripple by having someone take some time to do some actual research. I have since, added DW to my warranty deed and eventually will file. My thanks again for your research and response....rabbit
  12. I considerd that, but don't know if i would have a place to live then.. My prob, I know...thanks, rabbit
  13. I am on the title with my dw. The judgements are against me only.. thanks...
  14. Florida is a homestead protection state. The judgements are against me alone. I have added my wife to the warranty deed. Will I be able to get a RM without paying off the judgements? Thanks....rabbit