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  1. If only we could just be responsible for our own mistakes, oh well, not gonna happen any time soon Besides the info you will get in this forum, you might look into you may still have some options short of foreclosure
  2. You are in the right forum to get your finances straightened out Also, congrats on going for that RN degree You'll have job security for life
  3. What does everyone think about trick or treating for babies? We got quite a few folks essentially collecting candy for babies. Next year, the wife is going to give out baby items, for babies
  4. Hey, somebody's been spying on my letters. And,as a correction, it was not "the cat", it was the "neighbor's cat"
  5. Should have known I'd have to go off topic to find something I can speak knowledgeably about. Does your workplace have a written non violence policy, and how is it presented to the employees? Also, was this a verbal argument, or physical, or were there simply threats of violence? Until I started freelancing, I worked in corporate america, where it was spelled out, violence, or threats of violence, you lose your job. Of course, we also had a woman bring a firearm to work, and somehow she did not get fired
  6. I'm not near knowledgeable enough to help you, but my friend Kris has a site with a lot if info Much like this forum, info alone is a start
  7. Congrats on your success I am hopeful, I have a long way to go, but I do see, from this forum, that it can be done:-)
  8. AntiPlastic

    PC gamers

    I love to play PC games, but the wife keeps me pretty busy I play simutrans lately, its an open source Railroad Tycoon sort of game I often go bankrupt on it, I should read and study this forum more ah such is life and games
  9. I will be ever more diligent at avoiding that initial credit check,with the limited options I have for doing that
  10. It might make me sick as well, but I already expect the worse At least with it all written down, we have a reference to learn from
  11. Christmas shoping, yuck! Just when I thought it was safe to look at the calender
  12. As for toiday's game- GO COLTS!
  13. Great info I did not know about the @anybusiness email google
  14. I guess this is a success story? It seems that a major part of winning a credit battle is being more persistant than thje other party