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  1. But its my house. no way to prove. I can sue for them not responding. But, do I do that in my town or theirs and should it be small claims?
  2. Thanks for your quick reply Amerikaner83. My credit report has one of my rentals as a primary address. My old tenants put stuff in my name!!! I would pay but It will still remain as a collection and I heard that there is no way in hell to get it off if I pay. Its a collection from a bug spray company. 200 bucks. I don't pay to keep my tenants homes free of bugs! Its not my fault they were filthy. I tried contacting the local company and ended up sending a certified to the CA but nothing. The bottom line is, they didnt reply, cant I sue for that?
  3. Its not that I'm going to pay, its on my credit! I need it off my credit!
  4. Rhondap, It is not mine. You didnt read my post
  5. When is it best to sue in small claims versus federal? Only knowledgable responses please. I sent certified but CA didnt respond at all. I called them and they only ask for a payment! Its not mine! Do I sue in their town or mine, Federal or small claims???
  6. I sent certified letters to the collection agency and they never responded. Every time I call them they ask how I would like to pay!!!!! Its not my account and they have nothing! What do I do now? Sue them right? Do I sue them in my town or their's???
  7. Local court says I need to sue in town of collection agency for not validating claim and keeping it on my report. I guess I could sue experian and Transunion but they said the same thing applied! WHAT DO I DO. I have an account that doesnt belong on my report and the collection agency has nothiong but cant get it removed. I wanna make some cash in a settlement if possible
  8. Theres a bill I havent paid in a year. The bank has put in collection status. They say the account is behind about 800 dollars and they will get it going again if I catch it up. I told them I would pay that and more but wanted it to update as payed as agreed, always. I know it is at their discretion but they say they cant do that. Is their any legal paperwork that I can give them to say "yes, you can"?
  9. If a lawyer files a judgment after statute of limitation has expired can he be sued for malpractice? The thing is, a crooked lawyer sent a judgment to my parents address, knowing I lived on my own. My parents never notified me instead went after the hospital and insurance. The judgment was for a case that happened years earlier when I lived at my parents and was covered under their insurance. They never sent me the papers so I never knew I was served until I went to sell a house a few months later. Can I sue the lawyer for clearly putting a judgment on my record well after statute of limitati
  10. I was served at my parent's house. I have all the information that proves I didnt live there, change of address, taxes show my house as primary,etc....... Debt collector simply used address they had from a 5 year old debt. Yeah SOL had ran out on it and the lawyer's partner is my neighbor down the street. HOw screwed is that! Whats more screwed is the fact that my parents didnt tell me!!! Someone please email me and tell me what I need to do now. Been waiting 6 months for I dont know what. THe judge already ruloed in their favor but will be takng it to appeals.
  11. I have a case in which I was improperly served a judgment for a mediacl bill at my parent's home. The collection account in question was well over Statute of Limitation. My Lawyer is crappy and wont call me back. WE had a hearing and lost because the lawyer and judge are crappy.Its awaiting appeals now. I have proof of address and the debt collector has nothing but an old record saying my parents address from 6 years ago! Can I request the debt collector to validate the accuracy of the debt or is that too late?
  12. I copied and adapte a letter from this site. Are you saying they rarely work? So, I read a little more into it. Guess my next thing is to serve them since they didnt respond in 30 days, right?
  13. Big John, Thanks for your reply! The thing is, the OC is the person trying to collect. They have placed it on my report. Are you saying that they have to assign it or seel it to a collector before FDCPA stuff works? I thought, since they havent turned it over to a collection agency, they are the OC and collector and should have to follow FDCPA rules.
  14. Yep, followed all the rules and its FDCPA in this instance not FCRA that I followed. I copied a letter and adapted from this website.