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  1. wow this almost makes me want to file a chapter 7 instead. i guess it all depends on how good of a job my accountent can do for me.
  2. i only have to pay 4500 roughly. over 3 years. the car is worth 9. i like my car. keeping it. the end.
  3. the car is payed off, i used a credit card to pay it off about 7 months ago. im discharging 45 grand.
  4. but yes, i can pay it off by febuary. i already have a bedroom set in layaway.
  5. becuase they would have taken my car and thats a no go for me.
  6. since i just moved back to ohio and had a consult with a br attorny he was very nice and we decided upon filing chapter thirteen but i have to wait 180 days for my residency requirements. in the mean time am i allowed to look for a place to live? im staying with my grandmother i didnt know if this would help or hurt my claim if im fresh in an apt. can i have furniture on layaway as long as i pay cash on it? i hate waiting. blah.
  7. i have the settlement in writing. like i said not sure wich route im going yet, i was just wondering why they settled so low, and what their reasons were as opposed to some people who dont get such low settlements...
  8. it is deffinatly b of a. its going to be charged off the 31st if i dont settle before then. im still in the air on weather to settle or to file br. im going to set up a free consult this week. obviously id rather take a br then settle, my credit is in the ****ter anyway. thats only one card i have another high balance one with chase that isnt bowing down so low...
  9. if a cc comapny offers you a really good settlement in my case 6000 of 26000, does that mean the likely hood of them taking me to court is small if i refuse to settle? i told them the main reasons for my debt was mental health problems, would that be why becuase they think they would not win judgement in court? im just curious why i got offered such a low settlement. what are the deciding factors?
  10. no im planning on paying them, i just want to make sure that i can file even though i have no tax history...
  11. i plan on starting to pay taxes this coming year, after 5 years of non payment. but i need to file bankrupsy. i thought that i might be able to afford the settlement offers im getting but ohio is in the works of passing a law that makes it nearly impossible to continue in my job and i wont be able to afford the settlement if it passes. i have untill the 29th to make my first payment on the settlement before it goes to a collections attorney. if i file bankrupsy now or even after i pay taxes for the first time will that hurt my chances with no tax records or worse yet is that an automatic audit?
  12. how can you tell if you would pass the means test? is there a calculator or something online. lamens terms please.
  13. luckily thats one thing i have under control, is where i can dance out of state my finances not so much
  14. yes that is my only income and it isnt even verifiable at this point. i do not have a bank account right now and have no assets, im living with my grandmother while i am trying to get my life back on track. they are passing strict adult buisness laws in ohio right now which will probobly force me to find another line of work, unless i want to work out of state.
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