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  1. I had some VERY old credit cards from 2007, unfortunately some of those went to collections and my CR shows the Comment as ACCOUNT SOLD OR TRANSFERED, but with a status of OPEN and a ZERO balance. The last reporting shows Aug 2013, but I know I haven't made any payments/contact since 2007/2008 1) why does it appear to be reporting still, at least up to 2013 2) How do I dispute this to get it deleted or to show the status of CLOSED? Actually after checking it again, this is a Best Buy cc that was sold to Captiol One - How would I dispute this? Another item shows up from a Department
  2. I see many Payment Status. what do they all mean? Paid or paying as agreedPaid, was past due 120 days <-- Will this ever come off after 3 years? (The comment) I also see Comments for each account with stuff like Credit Line closed by consumer request - reported by subscriberDispute of account information/closed by consumerCHARGE It seems the Payment Status comments conflict with the Comments like Closed, then it will show Paid or paying as agreed. Is this hurting my score? How can I get it cleaned up?
  3. Hi, I had a department store card (macys) and the account status is Closed and Payment Status is Paid,, or paying as agreed, then in the Comments it says Account information disputed by consumer. My question is why is this still showing as like its an active account when the status is closed but the other status show paying as agreed, or Account disputed? I did dispute the account a while back for the reason of inaccurate information, it came back as Verified but with these status. Please advise.
  4. I had a gas card through Chevron, the limit was around $1150 at one point, I didn't use the card all that often and Chevron reduced the card limit down to $510, however the high balance was flagged at $600 or something like that when I had the higher credit limit, but now it appears as if I exceeded the limit of the card and probably hurts my score. Anything I can do here?
  5. Hi, I had a CC I think it was Best Buy, then Citi Bank I believe bought them out, so I have 2 of the 3 Credit Buerues reporting it as Best Buy, then 3 Credit Buerue on the new CitiBank. Does this double ding me? I breached the limit of the card with a "high balance" by $100 was the only "black mark" on this card. Please advise
  6. Question: How does carrying a balance over a long period of time affect your score? So lets say Joe Credit has a $5000 line of credit and is never late, always pays at least the minimum at 35$, but not much over the minimum and therefore total balance is carried over a long period of time vs Sally Credit who is making $500 monthly payments a month and pays off the line of credit within a year? Would this count against you has a "Slow payer" or would it only count against your score in the debt ratio calculation at the time your credit is queried for credit?
  7. Thanks again for all your help and everyone on this forum. I will look into it further.
  8. The judgement is paid I just want it gone. Whats the worst that could happen if I lose? I just don't think it was processed correctly going on that the CA does't have the documentation. What is filing an answer? Got an example? Thanks again.
  9. I think they changed their name... anyhow If I have disputed the paid debt with the Credit Burues and it came back validated what letter do I send to MBNA/Bank of America? After reading here do I want to send the DV letter or the investigation one? I just want it gone off my report. They may not even have the record its been over 5 or 6 years now.
  10. Can someone here verify the steps that need to be taken to successfully remove a judgement? I have a collections company that filed paper work and turned into a judgment, the judgment is paid but still remains reporting on my CR. Do i need to send the motion to vacate to the court house, the collection agency or the attorny? How do I contact the attorny and what do I say? I never did get a trial. Thanks inadvanced!
  11. You will need to send the Investigation or Debt validation letter to them and then it may get deleted.
  12. Dispute it with the Credit Bueur.. thats the first step. It may just get removed.
  13. I paid mine like 1 or 2 days too late before it went to a public record and a judgment but now I don't see it on my credit anymore. However I do have another judgment from a collection agency that I don't think was served properly and the lack of documentation. Should I go to the court or the collection agency first with a letter of some sort. I don't even know what the judgment is for....
  14. I too have an older judgment and I want it gone for 271.00 I don't even know what its for and its paid but bad on the credit. Do I send a motion to vacate to the collection agency or the court system? Thanks
  15. I have been reading and I have a question. I have disputed this with all three Credit Buearu and came back verified. Do I need to send the Sample letter 16 - Motion to Vacate letter to the court system? Or start with the Collection Agency (plaintiff)? In the letter it states That is saying that I have already attempted to Validate the debt with the Collection Agency I don't even know what this judgment is for and not even sure it was properly served with the correct documentation. Thanks in advanced.