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  1. Hi Charla! Yes - I have another court date on November 29th. The court website says the judgement was vacated on 11/1. It doesn't say anything about the garnishment, but lists my employer as garnishee. I'm guessing I should send the Debtor's Answer, saying the case was vacated and I have no knowledge of the debt? Backstory is that I have no knowledge of this debt, doesn't show on my credit reports, and I honestly don't remember ever having a Citi card for anything more than a couple of hundred dollars. Thanks for any help you can give me! Kelly
  2. There was a default judgment against me as I didn't show for the original court date (never rec'd summons). I filed a motion to reopen, and on Nov 1 my motion was granted. I received a garnishment letter today, dated Nov 5. Can they persue wage garnishment even though the case was reopened?
  3. Hi - New to the site, I hope you can help me! I received a default judgement against me on 9/21/07 (came in mail on 9/26, forwarded from previous address). I never received a summons, and didn't know who the OC was. I filed a motion on 10/15/07 to reopen the case as I never received a summons (motion will be heard 11/1/07). I was then told the OC was Citibank. I looked at my credit reports, dating back to 7/06, and this debt isn't listed on any of them. Should I still send a DV? I honestly have no recollection of this debt, and I don't know how else to find out anything about it! I called the plaintiff's attorney, but they said as there is already a judgement they don't have to tell me anything. Thanks for any ideas you can give me!
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